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5 Philosophers Of This World, Read Their Philosophy

As we all know that it is Philosophy is a subject which has been shaped and wrought this whole globe literally.

It is the Philosophy is exactly right to say the essence of the human life, since classic time, and it is always there are so many great philosophers who always said their own opinion and views and feedback about the world and also contributes something precious to the globe anyway, and in this article we will literally, discuss that.

5 Philosopher Of This World, Read Their Philosophy

1). Karl Marx

It is Karl Marx was a German philosopher, alongside; he was also a historian, sociologist, economist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary and his contribution towards the society is just immense which we all need to know and read exactly, and we can also write some thesis on him anyway.

The German Philosopher Karl Marx wrote two books, which are immortal namely, The Communist Manifesto, and Das Kapital.

The German philosopher Karl Marx mainly being emphasized on the egalitarian society and he was also speaking about that how it is equality and classless society is crucial for us to have, in our world, he also said about the impact of the capitalism towards our society and world anyway in the future days.

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2). Confucius

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician at the period of the Spring and Autumn as per Wikipedia. He has lived around as per the various media reports, 500 BC and he was mainly interested in the relationships and he has also emphasized the fact that how it is the family is imperative for the survival of any kind of society.

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3). Plato

Plato is a famous Greek philosopher, whose contribution towards society also needs to discuss here anyway.

Well, the Athenian philosopher, Plato, at the period of the Classical era in Ancient Greece, was mainly being focused on the study of the outer world, which is also literally an integral part of human life anyway.

Karl Marx: Story Of This Great German Philosopher

The Greek philosopher, Plato was also the founder of the Platonist school of thought, anyway, which is also an important part of the world and the subject Philosophy itself.

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4). Aristotle

The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle was one of the most important figures and thinkers of the Classical era, in Old Greece.

He was the founder of the Lyceum and the Peripatetic school of philosophy besides; he was also the father of the Aristotelian tradition.

The Greek Philosopher, Plato, was a teacher of the philosopher, thinker, and truth-seeker of Greece Aristotle and both of them are known as the “Father of Western Philosophy”.

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5). Socrates

It is Socrates was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher who is regarded as the founders of Western philosophy, and he is also known as the being the very first moral philosopher of this globe of the thought of the Western ethical tradition which is also an integral part of the world philosophy anyway.

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The Greek philosopher Socrates is also being known and widely famous for the Socratic Method in which a series of questions are being asked and solicit so that it can leave an impact on the listener to have a conclusion of any theory.