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Yajamana Trailer: Honest Analysis Of The Darshan Starrer Kannada Upcoming Film

On the Sunday, noon, I mean, on the yesterday afternoon, it is the theatrical trailer of the upcoming Sandalwood movie; Yajamana released which is touted as one of the massive Kannada released of the year.

In the theatrical trailer of the movie, we can see the leading man, the Sandalwood superstar, Darshan Thoogudeep, in a very daredevil avatar.

The Kannada movie actor, Darshan Thoogudeep, unveiled and launched theatrical trailer video of his forthcoming movie, Yajamana on his official page of the social site, which is includes, micro blogging site and facebook account and it is the theatrical trailer of the forthcoming movie, Yajamana, is well received by Darshan’s fans as well as audiences.

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In the theatrical trailer, of the movie, Yajamana, it is being displayed, that the leading man, the cine-artist, Darshan Thoogudeep, has been beat so many goons and villains, which is indicates that the upcoming action flick, Yajamana, is going to be a total out an out commercial masala massy entertainment which will also be going to connect with mass as, the popular actor Darshan Thoogudeep, is looking in the movie as rocking as he can be.

Watch Trailer Yajamana

Well, it will too early to decides fate of the movie, #Yajamana, or how it is going to perform at the box office, but on seeing the theatrical trailer it is cleared and it seems like, the movie will definitely, going to connect with audiences, especially, Darshan’s fans and audiences and fans will surely like the movie anyway.

The forthcoming, movie #Yajamana, is also reportedly, received massive views and feedback on the YouTube and the theatrical trailer is also well received by the audiences and fans, you can say, viewers, already gives thumps to the movie Yajamana and its trailer.

Yajamana Trailer: Honest Review Of The Darshan Starrer Kannada Upcoming Film

Alongside, Darshan, the action drama, #Yajamana, also features, the Telugu actress, Rashmika Mandanna, in the female lead, Rashmika Mandanna, Tanya Hope, Devaraj, and P. Ravi Shankar, are playing other important roles in the movie.

Well, the music of the movie is composed by, the Sandalwood, musician, V. Harikrishna, and I must say, the music and songs of the movie are attractive as well as ear catchy, which will surely be going to give musical Goosebumps to audiences, especially, if they are music lovers.

Harikrishna and Pon Kumaran, directed the flick, Shylaja Nag and B Suresha, produced the flick, and the cinema, Yajamana, is also one of the most anticipated and awaited movies of the year.

The actor, Thakur Anoop Singh, who is known for his handsome, dashing and dapper personality, is playing the main villain in the movie, Yajamana, and the way he appeared in the trailer video, I must say, on seeing him on the silver screen, audiences will have the butterfly in their stomach.

He just gets into the skin of the character, and the scene when he comes in front of the leading man Darshan, means when his face off with the main lead actor Darshan display, it just turns to be incredible.

This means the face-off scene between, the hero and the villain in the movie, #Yajamana, is implausible and it is one of the main focus and highlight of the movie too, which is no wonder, why having audiences’ attention.

If you have seen the poster of the movie, #Yajamana, or the main lead’s Darshan’s appearance in the movie, you can feel how strong Darshan is looking there at the same time, he is looking very calm and cool type person, who it seems like, essaying role of an ideal son in the movie #Yajamana.

This means the movie, Yajamana, it depicts the journey of a lad who is just like an ordinary Indian fellow, with some extraordinary quality, and at the same time, he is also having larger than life personality which is also making him unique from rest of the movie.

And he is also unable to bear or tolerate any kind of injustice, and he is also can do anything in order to bring justice in the society or the people’s life.

The action drama, Yajamana, is all set to hit theaters on this March, and I think audiences and fans will connect with the film after it shall hit on theaters.