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What Every IBPS PO-MT IX Candidate Must Know

Woman in Water Clearing His Face of WaterWell, I am an IBPS aspirant. I can certainly answer it in a more effective manner. First of all, even appearing at such a competitive exam like IBPS is a huge honor in itself. I give full credit to the candidates who are appearing in these exams irrespective of whether they get selected or not.

However, there are certain things that seriously compell me to say that all is not well with IBPS exam from a candidate’s point of view! Ok, in order to make things more lucid and transparent, I am writing down my views in a point-wise manner:
  1. Exam fee is too high. Paying 600+ amount just to appear at its preliminary exam is too high. Several middle class people and other people from economically weaker section of the society find it extremely difficult to bear these exam fees. For example; If you wish to appear at least in 10 government exams, then you are easily losing out rs. 6000/-. This is very very unfair. Government either reduce the fees to 50/- or 100/- for the general candidate or just make it totally exam fees exempted.
  2. It is only because of such a huge cost of exam fee, many candidates are filling out their exam form by categorising themselves as SC/ST. This is still a greater amount of dishonesty on their part. I totally condemn this practice. In my view, I dont want any dishonesty in my career. If due to high cost, a general candidate finds it hard to fill out a exam form then he or she may still choose a private sector or any other government exam that charges lesser exam fee.
  3. Exam centers are too far. I have noticed another thing is that mostly these exam centers are around 10–15 kms away from a candidate’s resident or address of communication. This is in itself a very bad practice by the government. A student pays hefty exam fees to make sure that he or she could happily appears at the exam but if you ask them to take an exam several kms away from their correspondence address then it is really very bad. it’s a sort of mental and physical torture to them unless he or she specifically fills out their preference of such a place at the exam form.
  4. Too many formalities: Once selected, a candidate still has to go through so many formalities. And, if that was not enough then they still have to furnish a bond. Well, job is a discretionary thing. 1-month notice is enough to leave a job why do I have to work as a bonded labour?
I hope you guys have liked my answer and rational view points. Do upvote and comment if you wish to know more from me!