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Watch Bornoporichoy: Abir Chatterjee, Jisshu U Sengupta and Priyanka Sarkar Trailer Is Out


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The forthcoming Bengali language movie, Bornoporichoy, theatrical trailer is out, which is well received and liked by the fans and the audiences.

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The leading man of the movie and the Bengali actor, Jisshu Sengupta, was already announced on his official page of the micro-blogging site, regarding, theatrical trailer launched of the forthcoming Bengali language movie, Bornoporichoy, with an interesting caption, the actor, Jisshu Sengupta, writes there and the caption reads: “A man with nothing to lose vs a man who has lost everything. Presenting the Official Trailer of #Bornoporichoy:…. In Cinemas 26th July. @talkmainak @itsmeabir @Jisshusengupta @PriyankaSarkarB @iindraadip @aroyfloyd @iammony”.

Well, the direction of the imminent, Bengali movie, Bornoporichoy, is done by the very famous and the very popular Bengali movie director, Mainak Bhaumik, and the movie is touted as a thrilling genre movie.

Watch Bornoporichoy: Abir Chatterjee, Jisshu U Sengupta and Priyanka Sarkar Trailer Is Out

It is the first time, the commercially, successful Tollywood movie director, Mainak Bhaumik, is directing a thrilling niche movie, which is also looks and appear very fascinating is not!!! The expectation from the coming up next, Tollywood movie, Bornoporichoy, is massive, fans and audiences, already liking the theatrical trailer, in fact, they are having goosebumps, which is also making the upcoming Bengali language film, Bornoporichoy, one of the most expected and much-anticipated movies of the year, indeed.

Besides, the Bengali actor, Jisshu Sengupta, the next Bengali movie, Bornoporichoy, some other Bengali actors, in the other roles, which include, Abir Chatterjee, and Priyanka Sarkar.

Well, the music of the upcoming Tollywood movie, #Bornoporichoy, is done by the prominent Bengali movie music director, Anupam Roy, and as of now promotion of the movie is going on the full swing, and there is no stone unturned, in the promotion of the movie,  #Bornoporichoy, though.

And the Bengali movie, #Bornoporichoy, is all set to hit theaters on this 26th July 2019, in this whole nation, and indeed, fans are can’t wait to see the movie anyway, #Bornoporichoy, first day and the first show.

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