Vikram is among the finest actors of the country in the contemporary times. As Chiyaan turns a year older today, it will be fine to discuss some of the amazing performances of the actor which is just spectacular as the actor is having some of the finest acts on his kitty.

The living legend Kamal Haasan is regarded as the kind of actor who is known for pushing the boundaries in name of his acting, even in terms of his direction too.  As far as the subject of Kollywood, so Chiyaan Vikram is the kind of movie-star in the contemporary time who has always pushed the envelope, whether it is an insane lover in the emotional tragic drama “Sethu” (1999) or his drastic physical transformation he went through for the movie “I” (2015).

Born as Kennedy John Victor the actor is famous for his stage name Vikram and he made his acting debut with the movie “En Kadhal Kanmani” in 1990 to saw immense hindrance in the path of his success. Though his success was not instant, still Vikram faced the obstacles in order to achieve his mission to become successful actor in his cool style.

In fact, it took nine years for Vikram to achieve his deserving status as a superstar. Post the success of the director Bala’s “Sethu”, which proved milestone in Vikram’s career. The tragic drama also fetched Vikram international accolades as an actor apart from he also loved by Indian audiences too.

Because of the solid script the “Sethu” had, Vikram showed his calibre. It is actually amusing to see that Vikram is a versatile actor of the Tamil cinema with different genre movies he is having on his kitty.

He redefined commercial cinema after playing lead role in the Masala movies, including, “Saamy”, “Gemini”, “Dhill” and “Dhool”. Vikram’s versatility proved in the climax scene of the film “Pithamagan” which is enough to make us cries till today.

The actor is ruling the film industry more than 2 decades with some back to back stealing performances. Though he has never failed to impress the audiences with his acting still filmmakers serve him powerful script which is obviously suits his personality.

Gautham Menon’s forthcoming venture “Dhruva Natchathiram” is apparently best script Vikram is having on his hands now since Mani Ratnam’s “Raavanan”. On Sunday, Gautham released a teaser from the film, which received more than 1 million views in just 16 hours. No need to say, John (Vikram) is in the stylish and flamboyant avatar in the movie.

On seeing glimpses of the teaser, it is crystal clear that “Dhruva Natchathiram” is likely to be a game changer for Vikram, indeed the film is helmed by Gautham Menon.

On his 51st Birthday find out top 5 best performances of the actor:

#1. Sethu (1999):

Directed by Bala, “Sethu” proved as breakthrough movie in the Vikram’s career. The film, which tells the love story between Sethu (Vikram), a rough guy with a timid and soft girl Abhinaya, though the film is had a novel theme still it just ruffled audiences. The highlight of the film is the climax scene which was hold by the music maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s heart-warming music and background score.

No wonder “Sethu” won the very prestigious National Award for Best Tamil film, while Vikram earned his loving nick name ‘Chiyaan’. It was remade in Hindi as Tere Naam with Salman Khan, which is also touted as the best performance of the Khan till now.

Happy Birthday Vikram: Top 5 Stealer Performances of The Actor

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#2.Kasi (2001):

“Kasi” was a Tamil remake of the Malayalam film “Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum” with Kalabhavan Mani in the lead role. Vikram reprised titular role of the Mani in its Tamil remake. The offbeat drama “Kasi” opened to rave reviews from critics alongside praised Vikram’s performance as the eponymous character of a blind singer Kasi received huge praised.

Eventually the actor grabbed the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his immortalized the role of Kasi.

Happy Birthday Vikram: Top 5 Stealer Performances of The Actor

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#3.Anniyan (2005):

Starring Vikram, the psychological drama, “Anniyan” emerged as an out-and-out money spinner at the Tamil box office. Seems like in the Shankar’s direction Chiyaan played triple roles in the movie, including, Ramanujam, Remo and Anniyan. But actual crux of the movie was it revolves around an ordinary man Ambi, who was victim of a multiple personality disorder for which he developed 2 other identities: a happy go-go-lucky kind of modern guy and vigilante serial killer named Anniyan.

Like most of Shankar’s films, “Anniyan” too focus on the common man’s problem, and how common men became victim of the violence or corruption. Vikram’s role as Anniyan is brought National Award to the movie for its Special Effects category and it also swept top honours at the Filmfare Awards ceremony of that year.

Happy Birthday Vikram: Top 5 Stealer Performances of The Actor

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#4.Pithamagan (2003):

The film “Pithamagan”, marked Vikram’s collaboration with another fantastic actor of his contemporary Suriya. The film directed by Bala, focus about the friendship between Chithan (Vikram) and Sakthi (Suriya).

Afterward “Pithamagan” hit theatre not only it is loved by audiences, in fact critics also impressed with the movie. For his tremendous performance Vikram won his first National Award for Best Actor, while Suriya grabbed the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. “Pithamagan” was massive successful flick at the Tamil Cinema box office which helped the actors to maintain their superstar status.

Happy Birthday Vikram: Top 5 Stealer Performances of The Actor

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#5. I (2015):

The romantic thriller directed by Shankar “I” bring adaptability from Vikram as an actor. The enthralling performance delivers by Vikram as Lingesan not only fetch huge accolades for critical and commercially.

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In fact, the Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Tamil goes in the actor’s pot which was a huge commercial successful flick.

Happy Birthday Vikram: Top 5 Stealer Performances of The Actor

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