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Thalapathy 65 Next Update About Vijay’s Next Movie

Some fresh news is revolving round at the social site and on the internet which is regarding the upcoming Tamil movie called Thalapathy 65 which is considered as one of the most awaited movies of the year.

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Well, the fresh news which is floating around regarding the upcoming Tamil language movie Thalapathy 65 that it gets it directly, but as of now there is no official confirmation of the same but this grapevine is just doing round which is already creating buzz anyway.

So it is the upcoming Kollywood movie Thalapathy 65 shall be reportedly going to direct by the Kollywood movie director namely Magizh Thirumeni. It is the Tamil movie director Magizh Thirumeni is known as some of his famous and popular Kollywood movies which include, Thadaiyara Thaakka, Thadam, Meaghamann.

Thalapathy 65 Next Update About Vijay’s Next Movie

It is if the Tamil movie director called Magizh Thirumeni will direct this upcoming movie called Thalapathy 65 as there is a massive expectation from the movie director Magizh Thirumeni and the upcoming Tamil movie Thalapathy 65 on the other side because as a filmmaker, it is the luminary of the Kollywood cinema Magizh Thirumeni is proved his worth.

It is the most looking forward Tamil language movie is being referred to as ‘Thalapathy 64’ which is considered and promoted as the 64th movie of the Kollywood superstar Vijay and it is already on the floor indeed.

Though, earlier reports regarding the upcoming Kollywood movie named Thalapathy 65 were reported that the movie shall be helm by the popular movie director Lokesh Kanagaraj but now the report is saying Magizh Thirumeni.

Let’s wait for the official confirmation of the same.