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Some Impact of Science on Me

I study science more than a subject. I realized the key feature among many features of Science is logical, open minded, rational and ready for add new data. Some memory about course book of science is not kept in my mind always. To understand it properly, I have to realise it first the theories of science on daily basis.

I observe thing in my room. I see watch, electrical gadgets, computer, television set and radio. We all enjoy fruits of these things because of scientific minds. Now a days, I am ok with that truth that I am a scientist because I am surrounding with science.

Close-up of Microscope

I did not use mobile phone earlier but now I know about its features. I think from my few unsuccessful experiences not to study this subject according to book formula. It is complicated process and boring.

Take it as an enquiry of each and every thing. Like Universe, Earth, Planet, Space, Sky, Soil, Mountain, Rain, Famine, Jungle, Mammals, Atmosphere, Carbon, nitrogen and Oxygen. I try definitely to study deftly the scientific terms. Some myth about humanities and arts Students is that they are easy subjects. But I think as a subject art is equally hard like science.

Some Impact of Science on Me

I am more practical now. I know something about human life organic molecules. I say about myself that there is a bridge between science and us: that is book. I am not against books but this subject is more than literary knowledge. It is beyond word limitation. If I observe morning, sun arise, road and car, I see actual Scientific scenario.

Clear Water Drops

Now when I learn science as a common phenomenon in whole universe, its effect on me is obviously. Science is not new for us. Any human civilization shows its scientific ability. We observe it from archaeological traces. Like Indus Valley Civilization Scale, metal melting, navigation, Ship. Science in every phase in human history show human capacity of human mind.

Person Holding Container With Seaweed

In the stone age, human being were associated with magic. Then in later years, many layers of science were disclosed. In India the Vedic Science was highly developed. Like in literary evidence show that First Indian Doctor Susruta and Physician Charaka. They knew about anesthesia and operation. In world label all civilizations exchanged scientific knowledges.

In medieval period the Arab learnt many Mathematical formulae from ancient India. Like zero Modern Numerical number. Science is all about humanity. Science is all about all mankind.

(By: Anuradha Home Chowdhury)

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