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Beware: You may Lose Full Bank Balance by Online Transactions

Beware: You may Lose Full Bank Balance by Online Transactions

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Believe it or not, the hasty decision from the government on putting limit on cash withdrawal is affecting the common people more than the real culprits. The government wants people to do more transactions online by way of using debit/ credit cards and net banking, but not enough safety guidelines are provided to them.

General shops and small retailers don’t take payment in cheques and force the customer to either pay in cash or adopt online transaction for their day to day purposes. Many people even have to go for online recharge and shopping using their cards and net banking facility. It’s the only way to carry day to day transaction.

Telecom companies and banks are the worst. Without giving enough information and safety precautions to customers who do online shopping, these companies just keep on making money at the cost of customers’ hard-earned money. Before promoting the concept of cashless economy people must know the nuances of online transaction and safety precautions to stay safe.

So Much Time to Trace Cyber Crimes?

Common! It’s not the right way to tackle cyber fraud. Why does the authority take so much time to tackle any cyber crime related problem? Those who do online frauds irrespective of the locations where they reside must be arrested immediately and put behind bars. Even if they do such nefarious activities sitting abroad, yet they should be condemned globally and must be arrested in no time.

There must be some sort of deterrence necessary to control these globally-condemnable anti social activities. It’s not just a question of victim’s money but how can a criminal easily hack bank account details of an online shopper and make him suffer!! An innocent net user can’t even think about it in his wildest nightmare..

Beware: You may Lose Full Bank Balance by Online Transactions

Online fraud

Somewhere the buck must stop. Either the online merchants’ sites must ensure more than cent percent guarantee to customers enhancing more layers of security and safety to protect customers when they enter their banking and card details. Or they must be ready to compensate the victim with the necessary amount that he or she has lost.

Victims too often are flabbergasted with the kind of response of the banks and these online shops convey to them when they had already parted away with their hard-earned money.

Moreover, the lackadaisical attitude of the authority, police, banks and online shoppers is hurting the victims more. Becoming ready for a cashless economy is okay but what about the preparation on the ground to save these innocent customers.

Never Do Online Transactions!

Stay cautious – next time you do a transaction over internet – the chance of your money deposited in the bank might not be safe. The whole system of computer-based transaction must be streamlined, and security must be tightened more to protect the interests of the online customers.

I have lost all hope on online transactions and shopping due to the recent spurt in cases of online frauds – these things are just mess and illusion. It creates more inconvenience to common people !!

#RIPOnlineShopping #RIPOnlineTransactions  Banks Please Be Little Compassionate & Save Customers From this type of Forgery. They must ensure more protection to customers and educate them about online safety tips to stay safe from online fraud.

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