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Tips To Pass The Microsoft MB2-716 exam

Released in February 2017, Microsoft MB2-716 exam is the latest and updated version of Microsoft’s customization and Configuration exam. The test has been professionally designed as an equipment for candidates with the skills needed to implement innovative solutions in the Information Technology sector. Any individual can strive to get this certification. It is also the fundamental evaluation for System Administrators, Technical Support Personnel, Implementation Business Consultants, and Analysts who want to receive MCSA certification. It is important to note that the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate accolade can only be earned by candidates who excel in both MB2-715 and MB2-716 exams.

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Tips To Pass The Microsoft MB2-716 exam

About the exam

The MB2-716 program falls under the Business Applications Competence sector and has been put together to analyze a customer’s business needs, configure and manipulate the application. The assessment is available online to candidates all over the world through internet services. The examiners execute their invigilation by the use of a webcam and microphone. This exam measures and validates a variety of skills which are divided into four sections:

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics Entities, Fields, and Entity Relationships.

Creation and Management of Microsoft DynamicsSolutions, Forms, Views and Visualizations

Implement Business Workflows, Rules, and Business Flows.

The wide scope of the exam makes it seem difficult but with an ample preparation, there is really no excuse for failure. All you have to take with you are the paramount knowledge and confidence. I enjoyed my learning process and I have to admit that it was quite rewarding. In view of that, I have a few nuggets of wisdom that propelled my success.

My personal experience

To begin, you need to allocate an ample time to the preparation process. As mentioned earlier, the scope is wide and you need to internalize quite a number of complexities. Master the subject and its key areas keenly and deeply. The total time needed will vary from one individual to another depending on your ability to grasp the information and most importantly, your experience. Needless to say, a few days or hours to the exam will not be productive.

Secondly, keep revisiting the skills sections in order to maintain your focus. You definitely do not want to spend a lot of time on irrelevant details not covered in the assessment. It can easily increase the memorization skill by highlighting the key areas you need to focus. This may include the areas of the product you have no or little mastery of.

More practice

In addition to that, don’t be very dependent on theory concepts alone because this way of learning is not productive. One should allocate plenty of time hands-on experience with the key concepts. By doing this, you will be able to capture the steps required and understand any limitations you are likely to experience. For instance, if you need to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with another office 365 products, it is best achieved by engaging with the main product practically.

Preparation for the MB2-716 exam can be a costly process considering you need to purchase official study materials, invest your time and money in researching and training, and pay a fee for taking the test. Purchasing the study materials is specifically important as it will provide you with an effective study plan for the test. With these materials, you can solve practice questions about customization and configuration and test your knowledge level at the end of every study topic. It also provides the opportunity to have the content at your disposal so that you can study at your own convenience and pace. Among the reliable websites that contain the updated material are the following websites: prep away, Exam-Labs, and PrepAway.

Microsoft exam dumps are tailored specifically for people who are preparing to pass their exam on the first try. There are people who have prepared and excelled in this test within a period of two months, to say the least. They recommend the incorporation of dumps in their study plan. The candidate should ensure that the source offers authentic and up-to-date study materials. I’ve found and used the above-mentioned websites during my preparation for the MB2-716 certification exam. Still, you can choose any that suits you. The exam dumps here are given in the form of questions and answers, some of which may appear in the actual test. I opened them in the .vce format at home, using VCE Player and converted the MB2-716 file in the .pdf format to study on my way to work. It was very convenient.

Another mode of preparation I used was to take into consideration tips by IT MVP Neil Parkh urstin his blog posts. The posts are detailed enough to provide you with the information you need to pass the exams. I got really great pointers and reminders on some of the concepts and features I was having trouble to master. The module he uses is easy to read and understand. Here you can get valuable links and revision guides. The exam questions may touch on these aspects but are not necessarily limited to the features described in his blog post.

Also, it is important to note that sitting for the test does not require any prerequisites. All you need is a good study plan, training, and hands-on experience with the product. Communication with like-minded individuals might also be very helpful in the preparation process.


I have come to understand that certification increases one’s abilities in the IT field. It provides opportunities for scaling your career. In a fast-moving industry like IT, it is crucial that you could demonstrate your skills and competencies to any company or organization. In addition, by committing yourself to the process, you demonstrate levels of perseverance and ability to keep up with new advancements and building up your skills. These skills are not only beneficial to you but also to the company you are in. Although the process is tough and demanding, it is highly rewarding. Candidates wishing to take this exam should take an advantage of the available resources, so they can be sure of their success.

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