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Metro Life: 5 Sorts Of People We Meet Daily

In our daily lives we travel a lot literally and in travel something which is help us is the metro, no doubt on that. Whether it is school, college, office or for any other propose when we supposed to do travel in that time metro help us and in the Metro daily we meet with lots of different kinds of people.


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Metro Life: 5 Sorts Of People We Meet Daily

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1). Music Lover

If you everyday travel in Metro then something which is quite common to see there is Music Lover. Yes, mostly, we can see people in metro irrespective of their age and gender, something very common which is mostly people’s ear is cover with either ear phone or the headphone.

So Music Lovers are quite common in the each metro of the different cities.

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2). Book Lovers or Avid Readers

Book Lovers are also quite common in metro or in the Metro Life as we can also see some intellectual kinds of people who prefer to carry books, magazine or novel and while doing their journey, those people love to read those books.

So Book Lovers or Avid Readers are also somehow common in metro.

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3). Chatter box

In metro we also observe some people with cell phones in their hands and all the time they stay busy with their phones. Those people keep doing blah blah all the time in their phones or mobile while they are busy with their journey in the metro.

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4). Selfie freak

We often see people, especially, girls prefer to take selfies on metro and share those images on their social media site in order to have fun.

So selfie freak are quite common to see in the metros.

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5). Beauty Queen

In metro it is also common to see random beauty queens, which is very cool and those girl’s are also fashion conscious. They will be seen in good dress with good make up with some style quotation they will be display. In short they are just beauty queen and quite common to see in the each metro irrespective of the towns and cities.

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