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Mangal Pandey: Account, Narration, Facts, Pics, Images, Tweets, Quotes, Story

Mangal Pandey

Well, today, it is another special day, which is namely, Mangal Pandey Jayanti, which is itself a very special day. It was the day, of the 19th July, which is a very pious and very sacred day, I must say, the great Indian freedom fighter, Mangal Pandey, came into this world, means he was born.

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The great Indian freedom fighter, who was one of the bravest freedom fighters of India, gives, massive challenge, to the British police, and the British government, was born on the 19th, July 1827, is being famous and known for being an Indian soldier, who essayed, an important role, in the events right away previous the outbreak and occurrence of the Indian rebellion of 1857.

The prominent, Indian freedom fighter, Mangal Pandey was selected and chosen as the Sepoy, means “Sipahi”, in the Bengal Native Infantry’s 34th Regiment.

Which was of the British East India Company, and I read this fact, via an online search.

Mangal Pandey: Account, Narration, Facts, Pics, Images, Tweets, Quotes, Story

It was the freedom fighter, #Mangal Pandey, who was attacked an English officers, which was resulted, in the witnessed, of the first war of Independence in India, Indian Mutiny, which is eventually, known as in this whole world, as Sepoy Mutiny, and the Sepoy Mutiny, was taking place, in the year of 1857, Wikipedia mentioned.

The immortal and the great freedom fighter of the India, Mangal Pandey, had joined the Bengal Army, in the year of 1849, as per Wikipedia and I read the same, in the Wikipedia.

He died, on the 8th April 1857, at the age of the 29, in the Barrackpore, Calcutta, Bengal Province, British India, and his Execution, was done by the British government, and he was hanging eventually.

It is the freedom fighter of the India, #Mangal Pandey, is also reportedly, regarded as one of the first martyrs of India—a post he died, he was addressed as Shahid Mangal Pandey.


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