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Kanchana 3 Public Review: Netizens Go Gaga For The Raghava Lawrence’s Film

Kanchana 3

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The much-awaited film, Kanchana 3, hit theaters on this Friday, 19th April 2019, and it is well received by the fans and the audiences. I must say, audiences, literally, go gaga after seeing the first day, the first show of the horror comedy niche flick, Kanchana 3, and it is reflected and shown on the Twitter site indeed.

Even, before it’s released, the drama, Kanchana 3, already grabbed much buzz and excitement from the audiences and fans, no wonder why, since it is another part of the very successful and very popular Muni Series, and #Kanchana Series.

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Alongside, the popular actor and director of the South Indian cinema, Raghava Lawrence, the new released spooky film, #Kanchana 3, feature a huge star cast, Vedhika, Oviya and Nikki Tamboli, Kovai Sarala, Satyaraj, Soori and so on, at the same time, the film appears and looks as profoundly capable and full of the potential story.

In this movie, there is only, one hero, and he is the ultimate and absolute hero, Raghava Lawrence, he is playing larger than life character, akin, to he played in earlier Muni Series too.

Kanchana 3 Public Review: Netizens Go Gaga For The Raghava Lawrenc’s Film

Larger than life character of the actor is impressed by the audiences also, daredevil fighting sequences, breathtaking action scenes, punch Dialogue delivery, and cute chemistry, with the leading ladies, steals the show.

In this movie, the leading man, the multi talented, luminary, Raghava Lawrence, is featured with the three leading ladies, which is includes, Vedhika, Oviya, and Nikki Tamboli and the artist, Raghava Lawrence, shares such sizzling blistering and hot chemistry with the beautiful actresses trio.

The direction of the movie is just amazing, Raghava Lawrence, as an actor, did justice to his role, at the same time, his direction is also impressive this time also for this spooky movie, like always.

You will surely be going to love the movie, Kanchana 3, still if you are not a fan of the Muni Series because the flick is full on entertainment, can also work as a stress buster, besides, this audiences will surely going to connect with the film too.

Seems like, the movie Raghava Lawrence starrer will this time also going to collect a good amount of the cash, like the way, its earlier franchise did.

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