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Jeet & Koel Mallick Starrer Bengali Movie Shesh Theke Shuru Teaser Review


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The Tollywood actor, Jeet, launched and unveiled today, an evening teaser video of his forthcoming Bengali movie, Shesh Theke Shuru, which is touted as an action drama, and on seeing the teaser, I feel the same.

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The Bengali actor, Jeet, launched and unveiled teaser video of his upcoming Bengali language film, Shesh Theke Shuru and the forthcoming Tollywood film, Shesh Theke Shuru, is regarded as one of the most anticipated and awaited movies of the year.

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The upcoming film, Shesh Theke Shuru, is touted as an intense thrilling genre movie, which is featured, the Bengali actress, Koel Mallick, opposite the Bengali superstar, Jeet.

I must say both the Bengali actress and the Bengali actor, Koel Mallick and Jeet, shares such sizzling attractive and blistering chemistry, on screen as a heroine and hero, which is also reflected on the screen and it is almost every time steals the show.

The teaser video of the upcoming movie of the actor, Jeer in the Bengali language, Shesh Theke Shuru, is just beautiful, in which both the leading lady and the leading man, Koel Mallick, and Jeet, are looking beautiful together, as well as respectively.

Shesh Theke Shuru Teaser Review: Jeet & Koel Mallick Starrer Is Directed By Raj Chakraborty

Both actors, Koel Mallick, and Jeet, teaser, has been shared on their official page of the micro-blogging site, which is well received by both fans and audiences and also netizens, and also it is going viral on the social site and on the internet and started trending on the micro-blogging site.

The movie is going to be a treat for the fans and audiences indeed, which is helmed by the famous and the popular, Tollywood director, Raj Chakraborty.

Both leading stars of the upcoming Tollywood film, #SheshThekeShuru, the Bengali actors, Koel Mallick and Jeet, has been worked together, with the famous and the popular, Tollywood director, Raj Chakraborty, in the commercially successful and the critically, acclaimed movie, Dui Prithibi, which was released in the 2010, which was remake of the Telugu movie Gamyam.

Now it will be really, yet to see the talented trio, Raj Chakraborty, Koel Mallick, and Jeet, together, in the upcoming movie, #SheshThekeShuru.

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