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Lord Ayyappan – Some Interesting Facts Of The Almighty Ayyappa at Sabarimala Temple

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Lord Ayyappan is also widely known as Ayyappa, is a prominent Hindu god or deity. He is very much popular across South India. Ayyappa is also known as Manikantan. He is very intellectual and intelligent. Lord Ayyappa was also good at martial arts and was aware of the Hindu scriptures and shastras.

And The Legend Goes…

A long time back, Ayyappa made everybody amazed and surprised with his super powers. After completing his studies and training, Almighty Ayyappa wanted to know Gurudakshina from his master.

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His gurur was well aware of Lord Ayyappa’s divine power, so the Guru said to Ayyappa to bless his blind and dumb son, so that the Guru’s son can leave a normal life. And indeed, Lord Ayyappa then blessed his son with speech and sight. Soon, Guru’s son regained the power to speak and see.

Lord Ayyappan: Some Interesting Facts Of The Almighty

If you ever wish to visit the abode of almighty Ayyappa and his temple, you must maintain abstinence from physical pleasures and family ties, and those people also have to live a celibate or Brahmachari life.

They should also do good work and deeds in their whole life. The devotees will have to take bathe in the holy river Pampa. After that, people must adorn themselves with three-eyed coconut and aantha garland and then bravely climb 18 stairs to the Sabarimala temple, which is located at Sabarimala (Perinad Village) in Kerala.

The well-known Pilgrimage to Sabarimala

Sabarimala is a well-known and famous holy shrine of the almighty Ayyappa, In Kerala, more than 60 million devotees annually visit the temple. Globally, too — it is regarded as one of the most prominent and widely acclaimed pilgrimages.

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Wikipedia

Devotees who want to visit Sabarimala, will have to cross dense forests and walk on to steep hills while fighting against a stormy weather. They take blessings of the Lord Ayyappa on the 14th day of January, which also coincided with Makar Sankranti or Pongal festival across India

On the day of the festival, Makar Sankranti, devotees accept prasada and seek blessings from the deity. Then they start off for their return journey with 18 steps walking backward with their faces turned towards the almighty Ayyappa as a mark of humongous respect to the god.