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Haryana Steelers Ready to Steal the Show at ProKabaddi League!

If ankle-hold is the key to success in defeating the opponent in Kabaddi, Dharamraj Cheralathan of Haryana Steelers has mastered it supremely well. As Captain for the 7th season of ProKabaddi League, Cheralathan’s unique knack of grabbing the raider’s ankle would certainly act as lessons for the young members of his team. 

With more than 20 years of experience in Kabaddi, Cheralathan is now ready to grab this exciting tournament for his team. Cheralathan was a member of the Kabaddi team that won a gold at the 2016  Kabaddi World Cup. 

 Haryana Steelers

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Mastering the art of grip with his massive strength, Cheralathan is known for darting towards the mid-line to force his opponent back thus creating an opportunity for a tackle. 

Cheralathan: The Mighty and Charismatic Captain 

Nick-named Anna, Cheralathan is going to lead his team. Here, one thing deserves a special mention about Anna: he is one of the very few Kabaddi players of India who can handle all the main position of the game; Defender, Right and Left Corner with perfect ease. This certainly will benefit Haryana Steelers tremendously. 

Having a height of 5.7 ft, Anna is one of the leading Super Tackle Scorers in the history of Indian kababbi. Winning nine gold medals, Cheralathan is a member of the Kabaddi Hall of Fame. Since starting his sporty career in 1999, he had been showing this special trait ankle-hold that helped him bag many gold medals for India in international events. 

Stars of Haryana Steelers 

Rakesh Kumar: He was the Vice-Captain of the Indian team that won the gold medal in the World Cup at Panvel in Maharashtra in 2007. Playing Kabaddi since his school days in 1997, Rakesh is an Arjuna Award winner. The 5.9 ft Rakesh is an all rounder.   

Arun Kumar: He plays the position of a Raider. Arun made his debut in Season 6 of Pro Kabaddi League for Haryana Steelers. 

Prashant Kumar Rai: Having played 80 games, Prashant is one of the most experienced kabaddi players of India. He is a Raider and has 300 points to his credit. 

Naveen: He is another fine player representing the beautiful state of Haryana. He is particularly known for his Running Hand Touch tactics. 

Naveen of Haryana Steelers

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Ravi Kumar: A Defender and Right Cover, Ravi has racked up 116 Tackle Points in 75 matches. A Not Out percentage of 87.5 speak of his wonderful defensive abilities.

Selvamani K: He is a Raider, and crossed 100 points in Prokabaddi. He is marked by his extraordinary swiftness that makes it very difficult for the opponents to defeat him. 

Vikas Chhillar: Again a Raider, is going to make his debut in this season. He has been rated as a young talent by the seniors of his team. 

Vikas Kandola: He is Haryana Steeler’s one of the well known point scorers. He has to his credit 8th highest overall with 177 points. 

Vinay: A Raider, Vinay is yet another shining Kabaddi star. He is Retained New Young Player as part of NYP programme. 

Tin Phonchoo: An all-rounder, is from Thailand. He is returning for his 2nd round with Haryana Steelers. 

Vikas Kale: A well-experienced Right Cover Defender and has 60 Tackle Points to his credit in 41 matches. 

Apart from these talented players, Haryana Steelers team will also include the 19-year-old Subhash Narwal as a defender. Also, Chand Singh, another youngster will make his debut in Prokabaddi League this season. 

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No doubt, Haryana Steelers is really unique in a sense as it has some of the best Kabaddi-talents of the country in it. Now, all that they have to do is to hold their nerve at live matches, and grab those crucial points which are extremely essential to move further in this hyper-competitive Kabbaddi league.

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