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#Dengue: Indication Home Remedies #DengueFever

What is the disease dengue?

Dengue is fast coming and promising viral syndrome which is actually occur in several parts of the globe. Dengue is a kind of fatal which is being witnessed in some different cities and in some rural areas too.


Mostly, in several nations the fatal can take place.

Dengue is a kind of infamous disease which is unusual types of fever which is very tender and hurting.

The sickness Dengue is occurring because of the mosquito bites which spread the dengue viruses and fever in the whole body.

These viruses are connected to the germs that can be the reason of the West Nile infection and yellow fever.

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The Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease and actually, the dengue virus is responsible for the causing of Dengue fever.

Dengue: Indication, Home Remedies, How To Prevent #DengueFever

The warning sign and symptoms of the Dengue fever

The warning signs and symptoms of the Dengue fever started after 14 or 15 days, the patient diagnosed with the fatal.

The warning sign and symptoms of the Dengue fever are

1). high fever

2). A headache

3). Vomiting

4). Muscle and joint pains

5). Skin Rash

Patients need at least 0ne week to get recover from the Dengue fever; reportedly in the normal case with the medication, treatment and help they received from the doctors.

In some nations and states were Dengue is a quite common type of disease in India, Southern China, Mexico, Africa and so on.

Some Home Remedies for Dengue

We are having some home remedies which can help you to deal with the problem Dengue. Like, try to keep your home, especially, the room neat and clean. Like sweep the room every day, then wipe with a liquid cleanser.

Try to use incent stick type thing which can help you to deal with mosquito and can also help you to drive out the mosquito. Dengue is a kind of disease which actually occurs by the female mosquito bite, so it is very crucial for us to get relief from the mosquito and also we should try different ways that female or any kinds of mosquito should stay away from our house and room and home.

So food and fruits which can help us to deal with Dengue are:


Papaya leaves

Fenugreek Leaves

Basil Leaves

Neem Leaves