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Dating Apps May Not Help You Find the Real Match That Professional Matchmakers & Matrimonial Sites Do

It’s a digital era. Now everything happens online, including love and relationship. But unfortunately, the relationship and love that start on dating apps don’t proceed into a meaningful connection or reach their logical conclusion.

When you meet a guy on dating apps, you never know his real intentions. He may be interested in casual hook-ups for fun and entertainment.

A professional matchmaker understands the niceties of any relationship like no one else. Singles continue to remain singles even though so many dating apps are all around us. Not just girls, even guys fail to get like-minded match online.

Dating apps continue to lag behind professional matchmaking services when it comes to initiating a serious relationship. Dating apps don’t help, but create more complications.

Guys no longer need to approach the girl they like rather they just need to swipe right without revealing their real intent.

Without an element of personal touch or emotion, how can a girl trust a guy and believe in his words? Even if they do, what’s the guarantee that the guy is seriously interested in her for starting a committed relationship?

Girls want to feel loved and special on their first date. But what will the guy do if he gets hundreds of options every ten minutes on various dating apps? They don’t take girls or the app seriously.

Singles are now shifting to professional matchmaking services. According to a recent data-based report published on Survey Monkey, majority of men and women opined they prefer professional matchmaker to dating apps.

So, Matrimonial Sites and Professional Match Makers always help in this regard. Dating Apps are losing their relevance.