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Artificial Intelligence & Mechanical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence. That is the new buzzword in town. In every part of the world, you are feeling the impact of this new technology. Agreed, AI or artificial intelligence was first used in 1956 and then the 1980s and 1990s to design the supercomputer. Now, technology has moved to a fast pace that some large companies are using AI tech robots for low-level jobs. In this article, however, let us discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Mechanical Engineering. AI has made its impact clear in this field with the development of new products and design. So, now comes the question – what will all the mechanical engineers do?

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In this article, we will discuss the benefits of AI systems and the future of machine design. AI has got combined with other fields such as the Internet of Things, 3D to 4D printing, advanced robotics, virtual reality and many more. In fact, the excellent combination of human brain along with supercomputers are transforming the way products are manufactured, designed, upgraded, distributed and even in the maintenance of service. In the future, you may have products in the home, that can give an alert when maintenance is required. There will be no need for the manufacturer’s manual. So, after two decades from 2018, the human home will have a set of products, that is manufactured and then the maintenance ends. It may have got enough tools in its kitty to repair itself when the need arises. Surprising? Isn’t it

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Artificial Intelligence & Mechanical Engineering

Past & Present Trends in Manufacturing

 Just three decades ago, for any new product manufacture, the first print was put with pencils and paper. Every aspect, including the calculations, was manual. But now, blueprints can get combined with virtual reality to visualize the end product. In recent times, engineering is done mainly with software tools. Computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and computer-assisted design are used for designing new products. In the past, the result of the products was due to the human brain.

The research activities involved in all the technologies may soon develop a product that can get designed and manufactured. In the future, the assemblage of parts and upgradation of versions may happen with ease. Remember the time, you switched on the laptop and the antispyware got automatically updated.

In recent times, AI enabled programs to work in combination with humans to design a product. Thanks to AI, complex designs can get on paper. Products can also get beautifully manufactured with complex designs, but which will be helpful to mankind. Parts of this technology are the future of aircraft manned systems.

Improved Home Appliances

 Experts in the field of artificial intelligence have proved that advanced robots and home appliances are on the way. They can also improve themselves, in other words, improve their knowledge and adapt to new situations. Yes, did you notice the change? In recent times, you tend to upgrade your products. In other words, you discard old products and buy the new ones. But in the future, the products you have bought will only enhance themselves over time.

AI In Other Sectors Due To Mechanical Engineering


Now, with the help of AI processes, products which were considered mere fiction, have been turned to reality. For example, in the US, self-driving cars have entered the road. In the future, robotic surgeons may form the picture. Yes, the advantages are aplenty. Two decades from 2018, you may come across robotic doctors and clinicians who can prescribe the perfect medicine after a thorough scan of your medical reports. There can also be software companies where only robots write the coding for a new project.

Do you want to look at the AI in our own country, India? Then you do not have to go far. Have a look at your smartphone. Natural Language Processing products such as Siri can work better than your brain. Of course, there exist the fingerprint detection security programs in banks. And the algorithm of Facebook for its ad campaigns.

Benefits of AI

 Yes, in the manufacturing of vehicles, some mechanical engineers use the Autocad software. But when AI steps into the ring, it transforms to assistance and works on the Autocad software for your project. You just need to show the path. Moreover, you can concentrate on other relevant matters instead of manual work.

This is where AI scores over the disadvantages. You need not bend your back over tables with pencils, and sheets. AI can take over the geometry right from the set-up to the perfect design. What you can do is enter some details and concentrate on the important aspect of being a human. Make the product eco-friendly by nature.

Challenges AI Industry Faces in India

AI is not without challenges. More challenges exist in the human form. There are reports of uncertainty arising from the minds of low-level workers in developed countries. The reason, job security for them can get challenges from AI. And many robots have already stepped into the working force in Japan. There are interactive robots, customer care chatbots and light sensors to mention a few.

Where Will AI Take Us Into The Future?

AI can make us concentrate on problems of the future human generation and make the world worthwhile for them. Let AI do the manual jobs, while we humans focus our brain on real creative activity.

Expectations for the AI technology are high. It has proved that it can even excel in the human brain which has 86 billion neurons. Till today, we, humans have prided on ourselves as the superior species. It remains to be seen, what happens to the next round of generations when AI supersedes the human brain.

Now the Internet of Things is used to garner the big amount of data. And very soon, when the Internet of Things and AI get combined together successfully, we will have another industrial revolution. Yes, there exists the loss of jobs, but it will get replaced with new jobs that are non-existent today.


Other than mechanical engineering, AI has also stepped into the home improvement sector. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore and is in dire need of a geyser repair technician. Now, if you are new to the city, there will be challenges to scout for the handyman professional skilled in geyser repair in Bangalore. Enter many online platforms such as Bro4u, which have reputed handyman professionals in their customer care list. If you do not want to book via the app, there is a possibility of visiting the website to place a booking. Now, a chat box opens and you put the words for a request. The person at the other end will not be a human but an AI modeled tool. It will give the right answers and place a booking on your request. Your problem gets solved in QuickTime. It will connect you to the best technicians skilled in geyser repair in Bangalore.

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