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5 Best SBI Apps to Use in 2019

Image Courtesy: Pexels

Image Courtesy: Pexels

State Bank of India is one of the most popular banks of the country. This transnational, public sector bank is the largest and fastest growing bank of India and ranked 216th amongst world’s 500 largest corporations. You can also download all your essential apps through 9Apps. Here is everything about What Is 9Apps that you should know.

With the growing demand of this bank and expanding digitalization, the State Bank of India has made its usage even more accessible by introducing software applications that can be accessed at the finger tips by the customers.

With these Apps, the entire bank can be squeezed into a space of a cell phone, letting the customers not have to wait in longer queues and making their world hassle-free; thus saving time, energy and money. What are the five best applications that SBI proffers to its customers for easier banking solutions?

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5 Best SBI Apps to Use in 2019

1. SBI Bank Buddy:

A friend in your pocket, SBI Buddy App was launched in 13 Indian languages, making this app very popular amongst the people. It is supported by a customer-care service available 24X7. It is really helpful when one wishes to send, receive or transfer money, settle dues, setting reminders for payments, recharge, shopping and availing rewards. Transactions can also be made to those in added in your contact lists, if their bank accounts are linked to their telephone numbers. It totally acts as a user friendly electronic wallet.

2. SBI Personal Anywhere:

With justice to the name of the app, SBI Personal anywhere is developed to be specifically used in smart-phones. Absolutely safe and confidential, this app ensures that the banking is even more convenient. With numerous options available for transfer, sending or receiving money, the main feature of this app also includes mPassbook SBI. This is a personalized, digitalized passbook that can display 150 recent money transactions in just one click.

3. SBI mVisa:

Perfectly secured and trustworthy, this is so far the fastest software application introduced by the State Bank of India. This app makes mobile banking effortless for the users. The customers can transfer money to the merchant straight-forward without filling up all the background details of the bank account or PIN at the Point of Sale. This does not even call for card swiping, avoiding treachery.

4. SBI mCash:

Customers can claim funds of any kind sent through any of the above said applications, as in, SBI Personal Anywhere, SBI Bank Buddy or SBImVisa. The transfer of money has been made easier in this app where a direct transaction can be made without the need to add a beneficiary; thus saving time. The transfer can be done through mobile number or email id of the recipient, linked to his bank account.

5. State Bank Freedom App:

Away from home and still have bills to be paid? This app will just do the right. Bill payments, a quick balance inquiry, transferring money and many more is just one touch away with this app in your cell phone or desktop. This is an absolute time savior app.

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