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3 Conversion Tools From PDF Bear To Convert Your PDFs

PDF Bear is a handy tool that people can use to convert their PDF to other document formats or other file formats to a PDF file. With this software, it’s easy to do the process without putting a lot of effort. This guide will also provide some converters and how you can use them. So here’s a list of conversion tools from PDF Bear to convert your PDFs.

PDF to Excel

This PDF converter s a handy tool that anyone can use in handling their files. If you want the best way to extract data from a PDF to an Excel file, it’s highly recommended that you start using this PDF conversion tool. With that, it provides a secure, safe, and convenient way to convert your PDF file while maintaining its quality. All the service PDF Bear offers are handy to anyone, so start using them now.

The conversion process will always depend on the server’s workload and how big your file size, but even with that, PDF Bear will do its best to convert your PDF file quickly. You only need to follow this simple procedure:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you want to convert to the website.
  2. PDF Bear will start converting your PDF file to an Excel file in a while.
  3. Just wait for a moment, and your file will be ready.
  4. After the conversion process, your file will be removed after one hour.


If you want to convert your PDF files into a PPT file format, which you can edit later on, the PDF to the PPT tool will help you with that process. After you upload the PDF file, PDF Bear will start processing and converting the file immediately. Users will also get an accurate PPT format, which they can still edit afterward.

This online tool will convert PDF files to a PPT file easily with zero cost. The newly converted file will be on its original quality, and it can be revised and edited later. Here’s how to achieve the conversion process:

  1. Select the PDF document and upload it to the online converter.
  2. The PDF file will be uploaded in a moment.
  3. Begin the conversion process immediately.
  4. Press “Download” or share the file to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.


The PDF to JPG converter is a tool that will make it convenient for anyone to convert their PDF files to JPEG or JPG. You can convert multiple PDF files at once and download them as image files.

If you want to instantly and conveniently convert your PDF files to the JPG file, you will find this conversion tool handy. This converter will convert your files in a few clicks. You should follow this process:

  1. Choose the file that you wish to convert.
  2. The PDF converting tool will start converting your PDF file with excellent quality.
  3. Please wait until the process is being completed.
  4. The converted JPG file is ready for you to download or share.

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PDF Bear can help anyone to convert their PDF files into different file formats and vice versa. Every feature comes with easy to follow instructions that anyone can efficiently perform. Besides the converters, this software can also split, merge, compress, rotate, and repair your PDFs without any trouble. PDF Bear is also the safest and most secure platform to use.