World Rabies Day 2019: Theme, Slogans and Quotes, Details, Narration, Images, Tweets

The main motto of the World Rabies Day is to celebrate World Rabies Day, which is to raise awareness about rabies prevention that is to focus and to highlight the progress of defeating this deadly disease, every year.

This also marks the anniversary of Louis Pasteur’s death, a French chemist, and microbiologist who developed the first rabies vaccine. Rabies is an incurable disease which mainly causes inflammation to the brain and ultimately death of the patient.

The World Rabies Day or the Rabies Day celebrated annually with a theme. For this year the theme is Rabies: Educate, Vaccinate, Eliminate which will be emphasized on two important and critical points that the communities can do to prevent rabies and the World Rabies Day is all about that how to stop spreading of the rabies infection globally.

This is also reflected to eradicate all untimely human deaths due to dog-mediated rabies by 2030. Rabies can be caused by the bite of a dangerous and an infected animal such as dog or bat. The problem with Rabies is that these not displays show any symptoms immediately but gradually this is taken a very risky turn for human life.

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World Rabies Day 2019: Theme, Slogans, and Quotes

You should take the Vaccine within 48 hours of the dog bite. Rabies present in nerves and saliva of an infected animal which is very dangerous anyway.

The symptoms of Rabies initially feel influenza, which includes fever and tingling at the site of the bite.

Post some days, if Rabies occurs with the human body then the person may develop violent movements, fear of water (hydrophobia), and inability to consume food, confusion, and loss of consciousness which will be even urging them to bit others.

The two founding partners also celebrated the first World Rabies Day, i.e., Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta (CRC) in the year 2007 on 28th September with co-sponsorship by World Health Organisation (WHO).

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The overall goal and endeavor of the World Rabies Day are to bring awareness about the impact of human and animal rabies; which can be easy for the prevention of this diseases and this will be also let us know how to eliminate the disease. Many government agencies and disease control centers that support World Rabies Day which also distributes medical kits, including posters, pamphlets to increases awareness and prevention of the deadly disease rabies.

In India, rabies is mainly occurred because of the non-vaccinated stray dogs, while in some other nations this can be mainly caused by bats so far. This disease causes nearly 55,000 deaths annually.

So this is an effective vaccination is essential to counter and the threat of preventing rabies.

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