Sacred Durga Puja & Mahalaya 2019: Some Motivational Thoughts!!!

Auspicious Mahalaya starts today, this is also called Durga Puja or Navaratri worldwide.

Predominantly, the Mahalaya carnival is rejoiced and celebrated in West Bengal, with massive enthusiasm, zeal, and glory by all Bengali people in this whole world.

Mahalaya has observed seven days before Durga Puja and this year it falls on September 24th.

Pitru Paksha 2018 in Assam will begin on Monday, 24 September and ends on Monday, 8 October.

The legend and folktales behind the celebration of this festival are already in the maximum number but the most prominent belief is that the Mahalaya is an invitation of Goddess Durga in order to start her journey from Kailash to her paternal home (earth), alongside with her children.

Subho Mahalaya 2018: Some Motivational Thoughts!!!

As per the Hindu belief, the invitation is extended to the goddess in the form of chants, recitals, prayers, and devotional songs. The word Mahalaya is taken from a Sanskrit word derived from ‘maha’, meaning great, and ‘alaya’, meaning abode.

The other story in Indian mythology is about the Goddess Durga that on this day of the festival, Mahalaya, Maa Durga took birth with the blessings of all the gods so that gradually she killed Mahishasura, the demon king.

The Mahalaya also marks the celebration of feminine power and the triumph of good over evil.

The festival Mahalaya also holds a special meaning for Hindus, who celebrate it in the form of Tarpan. Men clad in traditional dhoti and then they reached to the banks of the holy river Ganga then offer their prayer to their deceased forefathers and ancestors in order to seek blessings for them.

On this promising occasion, here are some WhatsApp wishes, texts, pictures, that U can share With ur family, in order to wish them good fortune and a Subho Mahalaya.

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