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Three Tried-and-Tested Moves to Make Your Kid Love Sports

There’s no doubt that engaging in sports is good for children’s development. They learn discipline, confidence, and motivation early on. They get to experience the value of friendships in the midst of competition. They also experience failures and find ways to pick themselves up.

All these make them better equipped in life. It’s no wonder then that many parents are hell-bent on making children active in sports. If you’re one of the bunch, here are some strategies in piquing your kid’s interests.

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Catch their curiosity

In most instances, parents tell their children what sports they should play – basketball because the dad is an avid fan, or swimming because mom is a frustrated Olympic athlete. Before you feed these interests on your child, take a step back first and see if these things fit your kid’s preferences. Otherwise, they will only get fed up at the sport they don’t like and abandon the idea of being active altogether.

What you should do instead is to take cues from your child’s curiosity. What makes them excited on the weekends? Playing catch with their next-door neighbor? Biking around the village? Going out of town to ski resorts? Once you catch their interests, that’s when you draw attention to it and suggest activities.

If they’re into skiing, enroll them to junior programs wherethey will learn basic techniques. If they’re into baseball, ask them to try out for the school team. Kids are more likely to follow through these suggestions, precisely because they’re into it in the first place.

Give them the right gear and wear

You want them to be equipped for the sport, so they will be safe and be free from injuries all throughout. But beyond that, when they see the real-dealSpyder ski pants for kids, boots, poles, and helmets, they will grow even more interested in actually playing. They will be in serious commitment mode.

Also, you have to note that the right equipment boosts performance. It improves form and posture, allowing kids to execute movements well. Ultimately, when kids sport the “look” and “act” of professional skiers, they develop a sense of confidence. They will keep coming back to that ski resort or junior program.

Just remember the essentials when shopping for activewear: the right fit, excellent thermal comfort, and durability. For the gear, of course, this will depend on the kind of sport your child is interested in. Do a little bit of online research on which brands perform well.

Find like-minded social circles

Young kids are more likely to be interested in sports when they see their peers do the same. It looks cool to them, and it makes them belong. As soon as you discover their talents and hobbies, encourage them to join sports clubs.

Surround them with young peoplewho can influence them to nurture further the love for sports. Start with the most obvious: school teams. Let them try out for the basketball or baseball team.

You can also scour for organizations in your locale. Towns and cities often have junior leagues that compete with other neighboring communities, so kids in these teams are very close-knit. Your child will benefit from the shared passion of that group. Take advantage of that.

Letting kids engage in sports does wonders to them not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and socially. Motivate them to pursue their physical activity interests today.