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Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enough For The Today’s Generation

Though, the actor, Rajinikanth, the biggest super star of the nation, and today, he was mark his acting debut in 1975 with the K. Balachander’s Tamil drama Apoorva Raagangal.

Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enough For The Today’s Generation:-

The Thalaivar Rajinikanth, a globally well-known and renowned actor of the subcontinent, and he is certainly, blessed with the demi-god status.

Rajinikanth is is kind of the cine-artist; and he is also shared special kind of the emotion with the fans of the Tamil cinema, which is connected strongly.

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For any Indian film star, actually, it not an easy status to achieve which is definitely achieved by the legendary actor,  #Rajinikanth and most important is that fans love every bit of the superstar and indeed, he is part of the Indian cinema, more than 3 decades.

Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enough For The Today’s Generation

Only some actors, has been manage to retain their market position for such a long time which the actor, #Rajinikanth, is still maintaining.

The most loved Indian actor is having some of the amazing movies, on his kitty.

#Rajinikanth is addressed by fans as Thalaivar and if he sometimes, goes disappear from the screen, it is hurt sentiments of his aficionados. So no wonder why the gifted superstar #Rajinikanth is still very much part of the Indian film industry.

Despite the fact that #Rajinikanth is a Tamil film actor he is also appeared in some other regional languages movies, which is includes, Telugu, Kannada and also in Hindi and Rajinikanth is being proved that “Language is never has been barrier”, for him and, same amount of the love, he received across the whole nation, in fact from the world, vice versa.

No need to mention, that the Southern actor Thalaivar is represented the Indian cinema globally.

Alongside, India, he is also having a strong and meaty fan base in the abroad too and still he is coming from the very humble background. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, the actor is mononymously renowned as #Rajinikanth.


  1. Gaurav Kumar

    Rajnikanth is among one of my favorite stars. There is no match to his style. It is good to see his movies Thalaivar.


  2. this artical has made me interested to watch his movies thanks i need to look for his movies to watch