Simple Meditation Techniques to Stay Calm and Fit

Simple Meditation Techniques to Stay Calm and Fit

Meditation is for the mind what food is for our body- a necessity. When we do not align our mind in any sorts of meditation practice than we let our thoughts to wander and get scattered which may be really unhealthy for us and the people who are associated with us.

People need to learn some simple meditation techniques that they can adopt in daily lives without any prerequisites or preparations.

It is really difficult for the beginners to ponder upon the meditation practice with sincerity as it takes a lot of patience and perseverance before we can actually do the meditation. The results are imminent from the day one but we need to motivate ourselves to start meditation. This can be done by introducing some simple yet new practices in our routine that will keep us motivated for new experiences.


This meditation technique is known to most of the people. This is the direct way of doing meditation and meeting its sole purpose- to bring your focus to the single point. People use several techniques to concentrate- by focussing on the breathing pattern, by listening to their heartbeat, by actually focussing on the point object light in their forehead etc.  Some people even use chanting meditation to bring about the concentration through their own sound.

Repeating “om” several times and laying focus on the tone of your voice can help in concentrating. Also, you can use several words that are aligned in the form of mantras to converge your thoughts to their meaning and recitation.

Other methods of adopting meditation for concentration is through counting the beads of a string or making the pattern with fingers.

It is difficult, to begin with as the thoughts keep on diverging in various directions. But it is possible though regular practice to attain success. We have to continually tell ourselves to bring in the focus to our meditation practice and concise our thoughts to a limited pattern.

One has to start with the lesser amount of time, to begin with- even 5 minutes of meditation will also work for a beginner. You can gradually increase the time as you feel comfortable.

Qigong meditation:

The name may sound strange to many but qigong meditation technique is ancient and very effective. Its uniqueness comes from its methodology. Qigong has been termed as a low impact way of moving through the postures of the body and lays focus on mindfulness rather than one single point. Here the focus has to be brought to “doing” the act instead of bringing in full concentration while sitting.

In such meditation technique, you have to bring in your attention to the postures of your own body and how you sway gradually to change your postures from one to another. The qigong meditation practice brings you in touch with the flexibility of body and control of your mind over your limbs and other parts of the body.

There are various other simple meditation techniques that can be adopted by the beginners to improve the focusing abilities of their minds. There are meditation practices such as hypnotism meditation, tai chi meditation, Samadhi meditation, walking meditation etc.

These are meditational practices may be having different routes of progression but their aim is to bring about the clear focus of the human mind. Some meditation practices are aimed at enhancing the powers of concentration while others are meant to generate the control of the mind in our activities and body postures.

The best method of knowing what is the best meditation technique for you is to contact some meditation preachers or gurus who are already in the field. You can discuss your goals, life situations and desires with them. They will help you in attaining your goal through the most suitable meditation practices.

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