How To Prepares Tea? Steps By Steps, Lets read here

What is Tea?

The Tea is a beverage, we all drink, after waking up in the early morning, I means, mostly, people all over the world, after waking up take, Tea, which is give us a good and a relaxing morning and also make our morning good.

We mostly, people know how to prepares tea, as tea is very easy to prepares and make, though, still, some people we can see in our society, who really don’t know how to prepares tea and in this article I will teach you how to prepares tea?

Suppose as an individual person, you are living somewhere else alone in another city, either in hostel or in a rented room, in a different city, where you went for the job interview or exam or anything else.

You can also go somewhere else, for travel or voyage, and in alone city, suppose you want to have tea, this time, you don’t want to buy tea; instead you want to prepares it.

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How To Prepares Tea? Steps By Steps, Lets read here

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And suppose you don’t know how to prepare Tea, but at the same time you want to prepare?

But, in this time I will teach you how to prepares Tea and I will make it easy for you to make Tea and then you will really don’t need to buy Tea from market.

How to make Tea?

Preparation: Tea

Time: 15 to 20 minutes






Firstly: Take 3 cup water and 1 cup milk

Secondly: Switch on the gas stove and put the vessel on it and in the vessel don’t forget to collect the 3 cup water and one cup milk.

Third: Now let the water and milk get simmer and after it will simmer, add 2 teaspoonful sugars on the boiling milk and water and then add 2 teaspoonful teas on it.

Fourth: Let simmer for while, then you can serve the tea, but make sure to serve the tea hot.

Note: Somehow if the tea you prepare get cold, then you can make it warm on gas then you can serve it, which will I think best idea to serve Tea.

And actually, it is, Tea is always liked by people when they get it hot, that is also best way to serve a cup of delicious and strong Tea!!!

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