Imagination Short Story: One Decision Changes Sheena’s Life Forever

Today I’ll share with you a heart wrenching story of a timid girl Sheena (False Name), who turn to be a brave soul eventually. The story of Sheena is based on the very common concept and phenomenon of life, which is the “Domestic Violence” and the story is all about how she will be deal with the “Domestic Violence” and emerged as the winner finally!

Let’s begin the story:

Sheena was a girl next door kind of young college going girl who belongs from very middle class family of Delhi. She was a 22 years-old student was doing her post graduation study, though; she comes from very conservative family, who imposed and believed predominately in the patriarchal theory and concept.

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I must say, now you wonder, how she was studying so long then, so let me tell you, Sheena’s father was not much interested with her education and study, it was her mother’s effort which let her completed her B-Com study and now she is doing her post graduation in M-Com.

Sheena was a bright student and she never bunk her college so she was popular among her friends. In her college she was be-friend with a guy, Rajeev (False name), the duo was good friends and Sheena used to like her.

Rajeev was secretly in love with Sheena but he never proposed her as he was scared how Sheena will be reacting?

Anyway, suddenly Sheena surprised and astonished to know that her dad fixes her marriage with a rich guy, Vikram (False Name), he is an entrepreneur!!! Before she could say anything even this time her mom asked her to get married.

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Though, she was not in favor or support of the arrange marriage but she go for the same as she had no choice.  Vikram was 7 years elder than her. Rajeev was hurt to know about the wedding of Sheena and on the day before her engagement he proposed her.

As Rajeev thought it will be late for him if he will not proposed to Sheena but Sheena this time with teary eyes asked to him that it is too late as tomorrow this is her engagement!!!

And Sheena left from Rajeev, Rajeev kept starring. So on 22nd December, Sheena got engaged with Vikram, she is feeling bad for Rajeev but follow it as she said and think this is maybe her destiny.

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After engagement within 15 days, Sheena tied knot with Vikram with the blessings of their parents, and it was an arrange marriage.

Sheena was very confused with this arrange marriage and somehow with a positive thought she begin her new life. She forget the fact that in her hidden heart she liked Rajeev, rather she follow and believed the theory which her mother taught her that, “Pati is Parmeshwar” (Husband is god).

One Decision Changes Sheena’s Life Forever

Her parents also asked her from today she should only follow to her husband and she should listen whatever her husband will be asked her to do!!!

Sheena believes and follows this theory only but she was not aware of it that her wedding will be turning a nightmare for her.

After wedding in her Sasural on her wedding night, Sheena politely asked to her husband, with some hopes, that after a hectic wedding day, she is too tired, and she need to sleep badly, so she said that she will not celebrate the wedding night, in short she asked to her husband that she is in no mood to do sex.

Sheena thought her husband will be appreciates her feelings, but contradictory, her husband asked to her that it is their wedding night, and he can’t ruin it.

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She is his wife and he have right to do and enjoy sex with her. Sheena was shocked to see the real face of her husband and then her husband forcefully did sex with her, you can say Vikram raped Sheena on her wedding night.

After her husband was done, he get sleep but Sheena, not only her body it was her soul got raped on that night, she take shower at the midnight and she cried a lot, out of grief.

For a while she considers it marital life and decided to think about it. Next day, she discussed this with her mother, but her mother asked to her that it is not marital rape and all that, it is normal, her husband did what is his right and she also asked to Sheena that she should focus in her married life.

But it was not as easy as for Sheena to get adjust with Vikram, because on each night Vikram raped her, even, her did not spared her in her period days!!!

Raped was not limit as Vikram used to torture Sheena in various ways, but she had no choice except for bear the same. The worst case was, Sheena was unable to discuss her atrocities of her husband with anyone as she was aware of it her dad will not support her, he have not support her either in her whole life.

She had some expectations from her mother but her mother instead asked her to focus on her married life and also asked to her that in the married life, these all things are quite common.

She somehow gathers courage and discusses these all things with her friend Nisha (FALSE Name), Nisha suggested her to leave Vikram but Sheena said to her, seems this is difficult.

Anyway, Vikram also used to beat Sheena for small and silly things, like, whenever, Vikram thoughts were not getting match with Sheena, he used to beat her. Also he used to doubt on Sheena and was possessive towards her.

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Everything was getting too much painful but Sheena was bearing all atrocities. One day, it was fateful night and Vikram cross all limits, when he beat Sheena mercilessly, as she disturbs him by calling him at the meeting.

She called him to give him the good news that Sheena is pregnant, but angry Vikram, beat Sheena, mercilessly that she had miscarriage. And it was the time when Sheena decided to leave Vikram and moves on in her life.

AND NEXT day after her miscarriage, she was crying but collected her courage and asked to Vikram with her teary eyes; she want to leave the house means her Sasural and Vikram.

Angry Vikram tries to raise hands on Sheena but Sheena holds his hands and asked to Vikram, “Don’t you dare again to raise hands on me, unless I won’t leave you and it is also illegal to raised hands on over the wives body”.

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Vikram was shocked to see this new phase and transformation of Sheena, Sheena also asked to Vikram that now she is leaving the house, and she packed her bags, move to her parents home.

In the home when Vikram went to discuss these all issues with Sheena, Sheena in front of her parents asked to Vikram that now she can’t live with Vikram anymore.

She added further; that she bears all kinds of atrocities in the hands of Vikram, like, marital rape, domestic violence’s, humiliation, but now its enough, she lost her child because of him then why she should stay with him.

And Sheena also asked her orthodox parents to stay out of her personal life. Instead in front of Vikram, she called her friend Rajeev and asked him to come on her house. And afterward, Rajeev come she asked to him in front of Vikram that she is keen to marry her.

Sheena also reminds to Rajeev that it was him who proposed her once but she refused to marry him as it was her engagement fixed but now she is keen to break the marriage. And Rajeev said to Sheena that yes, he is keen to marry her.

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Now Sheena call her lawyer and she gave divorce to Vikram and asked to him that now he can go from her life as she won’t ACCEPT him as her husband anymore. And she also warned to Vikram that if he will try to force Sheena, then she have to take help from police.

Afterward, her divorce, Sheena tied knot with Rajeev for the second time and she also asked to him that she is not virgin anymore as her evil husband Vikram used to rape her every day.

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She also asked to Rajeev that Sheena is like the way, still is he is ready to accept her as his wife? And in this question, Rajeev Replied to Sheena that he loves her not her body and the duo embraced each other and get married.

After Sheena get married with Rajeev and she begin her new life, she just left Delhi and settled in Dehradun. She left Delhi as she doesn’t want to live in the city, which is only gave her pain and on the other side, she doesn’t want to live in the city where her ex husband Vikram is settled.

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In Dehradun the couple is settled now and both Rajeev and Sheena are blessed with cute daughter Nithya. Now Sheena is with someone who is respect her and love her and Sheena is also getting happiness with Rajeev, which Sheena was missing with Vikram.

Note: Any resemblance to this story will be a pure coincidence and the publisher will not be responsible for that.)

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