My Diary My Day: 5th and 6th October 20018 Day – 2 & 3

Today my day was full of hustle bustle as after getting up in the early morning on the Saturday, I just begin my day and I managed to clean the total room and house of mine. My sister was busy preparing fish curry and we have the same on the afternoon which was quite good.

But still I was suffering from the ear pain which was not good at all and for that my Saturday evening was not good and I spent the day by sleeping.


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On Sunday still ear pain is too dirty and torturing me all the time. And Sunday 6th October is also the day when a marriage proposal comes for me from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

My Diary My Day: 5th and 6th October 20018 Day – 2 & 3

The guy is quite good so I give nod to that proposal but nothing has been finalized now and only discussion is going on with that. Today on Sunday, in lunch there was baigaan bharthaa, daal, karela fry and rice.

Daal maine banaya tha and it was quite good. Still ear pain is persisiitng on the other hand and I also take pain killer for the same but nothing work. I was about to visit doctor but did not visit till now and suffering from ear pain.

Let see how much time I will be manage to bear this pain as this one is the dirty pain I must say!!!

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