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Well, the Hindu festival Karva Chauth is touted and regarded as a very special and very sacred Hindu and the Indian festival ever vice versa.

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Well, the Hindu festival, Karva Chauth is a one-day festival that mainly rejoices and observed by the Hindu women predominately married women.

In some regions of the country India the Hindu festival, Karva Chauth, is celebrating four days after purnima (a full moon) which is mainly observed in the Hindu month of Kartika, mean the October month, though, date of the celebration and the carnival Karva Chauth can be varied for each year.

Well, the Hindu festival Karva Chauth is mainly popular and famous in the North India and in the North India it is the Hindu women, especially, the married women observe whole day fast and perform Karva Chauth, so that the God can bless their husband with long life and safe life, alongside, the success and the prosperity will be also knocking doors, of their husband’s lives.

Karva Chauth
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While, the Hindu festival, Karva Chauth and the carnival Karva Chauth fast is traditionally observed and rejoices in some of the Indian states mainly, which include, Rajasthan, Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jabalpur MADHYA PRADESH, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and so on.

Well, in the Indian state Andhra Pradesh, the Hindu carnival Karva Chauth is celebrate as Atla Tadde and in the whole country India, the Hindu festival Karva Chauth is celebrated with the huge enthusiasm and zeal, in the abroad also the Hindu festival Karva Chauth is celebrated as very special day within some diaspora Indian population.

Well, the Hindu festival Karva Chauth is also regarded and consider as one of the lovely and the romantic day ever, as it is very romantic and sweet gesture that the wife keeps whole day-long fast, nirjala (Without water and food), for the well being of their husband which is true, special and at the end of the day, the wife break their fast on seeing the moon’s face.



Image Source: https://pixabay.com
Image Source: https://pixabay.com

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