I Love fruits

I Love colorful and healthy #Fruits. Actually, Fruit is my most favorite thing since childhood. Even now also it remains my most favorite. Without fairy tales and Fruits, my life is incomplete. the #fruit has many practical benefits. I plan to keep myself fit for a long time with tasty fruits.

 I observed in my aunt’s house that her mother-in-law served fruits to gods. I learned this from her. I still continue it. I heard many years ago that take an apple daily, keep doctors miles away. In Siliguri, my Mom bought an orange from a fruit-wallah who was from Chapra of Bihar.

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 My father would bring orange from the City of Orange Nagpur.  My mother’s favorite fruit was Chiku and palm.  I like mostly Banana. My Father likes apple and orange. My Brother likes grapes.

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I have a childhood memory of Mango. It was my grandpa who brought mango from the market after lots of bargaining on price with the shopkeeper. My grandpa brought it for my kid Bro.  I just saw it and laughed loudly. Bonding and association with grandparents are beyond any limit.  I am sure everybody has some special memory of fruits. But only a few take fruits seriously as a matter of diet. My Mummy prepared very tasty custard with #Fruits. Actually in our house Fruit came at any time but my grandpa’s house fruit came on the festive occasion.

In fact, my father taught us that fruits are very healthy. He regular brought fruits for us no matter how costly they are. That habit came to my Brother naturally and genetically.

My Mother prepared Fruit slice with curd during the   Navaratri.  It really was very delicious. Where that all old times are gone?

When we go to another town we see many #Fruits in Railway Station. Every town has some specials Fruits. Like When We go to Calcutta we see seed Banana and when we go to Siliguri, we find pineapples.

I see a different kind of Fruits. I love fruit as it is healthy and full of memory. Yesterday I wrote an essay about Fruits with Google’s help.

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