How Do You Know If Your Outlook PST File Is Damaged?

How Do You Know If Your Outlook PST File Is Damaged?

It is important to learn how to repair Outlook when your PST file is damaged. Let’s discuss everything related to corruption in Outlook PST files.

Signs of Corrupted Outlook PST files

There can be several reasons behind corruption in Outlook PST files. So, let’s talk about the common signs and symptoms that you must not miss out on.

5) Outlook Hangs: This is a common term that many people use. It simply means that your Outlook is getting stuck. So, if you experience such hangs for no reason, they could be a sign of corrupted PST files. In such a case, you must be ready to repair Outlook.

4) Functional Delays: If the system takes too long to do simple tasks, it can point towards damage in the Outlook PST file.

3) Accidental Shutdown: If your Outlook PST file shuts down all of a sudden, it may be due to corruption. You can avoid further problems by running a reliable method to repair Outlook.

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2) Fails to Start: If the Outlook PST file does not start up quickly, it may be a sign of corruption on the Outlook PST file.

1) Error Messages: You must be careful about error warnings. They are the most common sign of corruption. You should run a repair for Outlook.

These abnormalities are like warnings when you are using Outlook. So, you should run troubleshoot and repair Outlook immediately.

Causes Behind Corrupted Outlook PST files

Now that you know about the common signs and symptoms of corruption in PST files, let’s discuss the common reasons behind them. If you know about these reasons, you might be able to avoid them.

(i)    File Size

The first (and most common) reason for corruption is large file sizes. In other cases, if the PST file size exceeds the limit, you may face corruption issues. The limit of such files should exceed 50 GB. So, it is a good idea to keep your PST file size small. Also, it is advised to have a backup copy saved.

(ii) File System Recovery

This is another common reason behind damaged PST files. PST data may get overwritten or misused due to system recovery.

(iii) Virus

Virus or malware is another common cause of corruption. If you want to avoid viruses, make sure that you have anti-virus software installed on your system.

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(iv) Sudden Shutdown

If the system shuts down suddenly, it may cause corruption in PST files. This is applicable only when you are using the file or it is running in the background when the system shuts down. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid such sudden shutdowns. The only way is to repair Outlook so that you can recover your data.

(v) Hardware Problems

If your hardware is outdated, it may cause issues with your PST file.

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(vi) Misuse of Outlook

If you don’t use Outlook properly, it may result in corrupted files. For example, you may not terminate Outlook properly.


We hope that these signs and symptoms will help you find any corruption issues. If there is an issue, you can repair Outlook by using reliable software.

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