How A Good Auto Detailing Company Help to Enhance Your Car?

How A Good Auto Detailing Company Help to Enhance Your Car?

Auto detailing is the cleaning and protection of your car by professionals. Auto detailing companies get it is done by using different techniques and various tools, which are usually not used in the traditional cleaning or washing methods.

Apart from cleaning and washing, it also includes a few cosmetic touch-ups to repair scratch and swirl marks on the car, if any. The aim is to make sure that your car looks as good as new. Although, the detailing process does not imply paintwork and body repairs on the car.

Here in this blog post, let’s look into what “auto detailing” exactly is and how it can enhance your car.

How is Auto Detailing different from Washing?

Auto detailing and Auto washing are two different things, but the motive is the same. Auto detailing companies ensures proper cleaning of the car to enhance its looks.

A washing session includes washing the exteriors of the car using shampoos and sponges and with jet sprays.

Whereas, detailing session is much more rigorous. It is quite detailed and involves a lot of efforts and precision than a normal car wash.

What does Auto Detailing include?

Auto detailing companies include a thorough cleaning of the car including its interiors and exteriors, during the auto detailing process.

Exterior Auto Detailing

  1. Washing

The exterior detailing process starts with a thorough washing with pH-neutral car shampoo. The shampoo is foamed enough so that the accumulated dust can be easily rinsed off.

  1. Surface Claying

After thoroughly washing the car, the paintwork is clayed using the clay bar. It removes all the dust that did not get off with pH-neutral car shampoo.

  1. Rubbing & Polishing

Now as the car is cleaned, next is the car polishing. The original polish, done previously on the paint surface is removed and a brand new protective wax coat is applied, using machines or manually.

  1. Paint Sealing

To protect the paint of the car, paint sealing is done using car wax or purpose-made car sealant. This restores the brand new shine of the old car.

  1. Headlights & Taillights

The headlights and taillights are cleaned thoroughly for better radiance. The lights are also sealed well using a plastic sealant.

After the exteriors are done, it’s time for the interiors.

Interior Auto Detailing

The interior detailing of a car is a much detailed process and takes much more time as importance is given to every detail. It involves cleaning, vacuuming, dashboard polishing, etc.

  1. Interior Vacuuming

The complete car is cleaned thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner. It ensures dust removal from all the nooks and corners of the car. It includes in and out cleaning of the AC vents also.

  1. Brushing & Cleaning

The car’s upholstery, the mats are scrubbed and cleaned. In the case of leather covers, a leather cleaner is used for cleaning and polishing for a better look.  All types of stains and spots are removed.

  1. Glass Cleaning

The glass cleaner is used to clean the car glasses. It gives squeaky clean glass, giving a shiny clean look to the car.

  1. Perfuming

At last perfuming is done. It Keeps your car fresh and fragrant.

Engine Bay Cleaning

It is very important to get the engine bay of the car cleaned.

The engine bay is cleaned with a pressure washer. It removes the top layer of dust and grit from the engine. Then the engine is dressed with a coating to prevent the rubber and silicone parts of the engine from cracking.

How often is Auto detailing should be done?

There is no recommended time period, by the auto detailing companies,  to get the detailing done to your car. It completely depends on the status of your car’s need for detailing. However, the more often it is done, the newer your car will look.

The bottom line

The car’s interior is just as important as its exterior. Only, surface Cleaning is not enough. Contact the best car detailing services in your area and get your car detailing done whenever needed, for a new car.

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