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Happy Birthday Gautam Gambhir: Netizens Wishes This Former Indian Cricket Player

The Indian Cricket Player turned politician Gautam Gambhir is celebrating his birthday today and it is the fans and Cricket lovers are already going gaga for the same.

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Well, the Indian former Cricket Player Gautam Gambhir was born on the 14th of October 1981 in New Delhi, India.

He turns to be one of the best and famous Cricket players of the Indian Cricket team of India of his time. Such a huge fan base and fan following the former Indian Cricket Player Gautam Gambhir is blessed with and it is the not only fans, in fact all of the Cricket lovers are also love and adore him as well as showcase their affection to him which can be being showcase and display at the microblogging site and several other social media platform by wishing him some of the best wishes on the 37th Birthday of the Former Indian Cricket Player Gautam Gambhir.

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Happy Birthday Gauti ❤️✨ I thank your parents for blessing us with a hero like you! I thank God for guiding my way to becoming your fan. You are the best that has happened in my life. I would like to express this feeling of how at my darkest times of life, you unknowingly gave me so much hope and inspiration! At a point of life where I was depressed.. you acted like a ray of courage and motivated me to deal with life. You are an inspiration to many many…. MANY People. You have taught us so many things in life. I genuinely thank you ?? Without caring about how people will judge you you have always stood up for the right and always have done the right. It takes immense courage and self believe! When the road gets rough you get tougher! Overcoming challenges seems like a piece of cake from far but only you know how to be optimistic even in toughest situation! Never gave up. Always believed is one person which recites inside within you. You aren't a champion only because of World Cup or matches you have won for us. You are champions because you loved our country more than anything or anyone. Gave it your all no matter how hard you were pushed down. Every time you fell they got back up to fight all over again. Some words for you ✨ He might be your World Cup hero. He might be your savior in many matches. He might your hero because of his off field deeds. But for me it's much more than that…. He is my superhero because of who he is. His aggression. His confidence. His self belief. His understanding. His thinking. His opinion. His determination. His passion. His love. His victories. His success. His failures. His anger. His humbleness. His humanity. His calmness. His controls. H I S E V E R Y T H I N G ? . I don't support him because of his successes or what he has done in the past. But because of who he is… EVERYTHING THAT MAKES HIM GAUTAM GAMBHIR! ❤️?? #gautamgambhir #indiancricketteam #Happybirthdaygautamgambhir

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