Ghost Day: I Want This Thai Movie To Be Remake In The Bollywood (Horror Movie)

Last night I watched the movie, Ghost Day, and I must say, I just liked and loved the movie, also found the movie, Ghost Day, entertaining, though, this one is a Thai horror comedy film; I just found it massive entertaining, and indeed, amazing.

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Well, I think and I want, and I wish that the Thai movie, Ghost Day, is to be remade in the Bollywood and if this movie will be remade in the Bollywood then audiences and fans, I think, surely going to like and appreciates the movie.

The movie, of the Thailand, Ghost Day, is touted and regarded as the horror comedy genre niche, and this genre, is somehow turning to be very popular these days, in the Bollywood anyway.

Ghost Day
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Ghost Day: I Want This Thai Movie To Be Remake In The Bollywood

The Thai movie, Ghost Day, is helmed by, the popular and famous filmmaker of the Thailand film industry, Thanit Jitnukul, Titipong Chaisat and Sorathep Vetwongsatip, while bankrolled of the movie is done by, the Thai movie producer, of the modern times, Thanit Jitnukul and Thawatchai Phanpakdee, under the banner of the Phranakorn Film.

Well, the cinematography of the Thai spooky and fun and comedy movie, #Ghost Day, is done by, Wattana Wanchooplao, and script of the movie is penned by, the some movie scriptwriters of the Thailand, which is includes, Titipong Chaisati, Sorathep Vetwongsatip, Nidchaya Boonsiripunth, Samkan Chotikasawad, Yossapong Phonsup and Thanit Jitnukul.

The Thai movie #Ghost Day was also shown at the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, which was also turn to be the highest grossing movie in Thailand and it is collected such a good buck, at the opening week.

On February 23, 2012, the movie #Ghost Day was released in Thailand, which is liked by the fans and the audiences’, and only, the fifth-highest-grossing film in its opening week, grossing $44,438, Wikipedia mentioned.

And the Wikipedia mentioned further that the movie, #Ghost Day, is grossed, around $79,292 on its theatrical run in Thailand.

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