Dr Raj Nagarkar Leads Master Class On Robotic Surgery For Postgraduates At MASICON 2024 In Nashik

Dr Raj Nagarkar Leads Master Class On Robotic Surgery For Postgraduates At MASICON 2024 In Nashik

Nashik, Feb 23: At the recently concluded 3-day MASICON event, hosted by the Maharashtra State chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) in the city, Prof Dr Raj Nagarkar, Chief of Surgical Oncology & Robotic Services at HCG Manavata Cancer Centre (HCGMCC) in Nashik, conducted an exclusive master class on Robotic Surgery. The session catered to postgraduate general surgery students and attending surgeons providing them with comprehensive insights into critical analysis of indications, multidisciplinary patient management, surgical techniques and operative procedures. Dr Nagarkar’s highlight was a live demonstration of a Low Anterior Resection (LAR) utilizing a minimally invasive robotic technique, which included lateral node dissection. This impressive showcase was witnessed by over 2000 attendees, both in-person and virtually. Dr Raj Nagarkar recently set a new world record by performing a thousand robotic-assisted surgeries within a span of only fifty months or four years.

The event took place in Nashik from February 8th to February 11th, 2024; and saw the participation of numerous distinguished surgeons from across Maharashtra. With the objective of enhancing medical surgical education, the conference facilitated engagement in scientific programs and discussions.

“It was a fantastic experience for my team and me to participate in this large-scale event gathering surgeons from across the State. The fact that it took place in Nashik this year made it even more special. Hosting a class on robotic-assisted surgery, a specialization of mine, for fellow surgeons and aspiring students was particularly rewarding. I’m excited for them to apply this knowledge in their future practice,” says Prof Dr Raj Nagarkar, Managing Director & Chief of Surgical Oncology & Robotic Services, HCG Manavata Cancer Centre (HCGMCC) & Hospitals.

During the final day of the event, Dr Raj Nagarkar delivered an enlightening lecture on Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) to an audience of around 800 delegates. Meanwhile, Dr Aditya Adhav, Senior Consultant and Breast Onco-surgeon at HCGMCC, conducted a live surgery demonstration on Breast Cancer Lumpectomy with Axillary Dissection, emphasizing the significance of Breast Conservation Surgery. Additionally, Dr Vikas Jain, Senior Consultant in Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery, played a pivotal role as the chairperson for various live surgeries, including Robotic Anterior Resection with Lateral Pelvic Node Dissection and Endoscopic Thyroidectomy.

“MASICON has served as a valuable platform for surgeons from across the State to exchange experiences, compare insights and depart with a wealth of knowledge. It has met the fundamental requirement of our constantly evolving surgical field. Even more rewarding is the camaraderie nurtured and reinforced during this event which unites us all as a cohesive family of surgeons from Maharashtra,” concludes Dr Nagarkar.

The super-specialty surgical oncology residents from HCGMCC, including Dr Palak Naik, Dr Supriya Dombre, Dr Kunda Kalyan Kumar, Dr Anirudh M, Dr Soundarya Varadarajan, Dr Richa Sharma, Dr Rana Vishal Jashvantlal, Dr Reju Sathar, Dr Praveenkumar Surpur and Dr Utkarsh Ajgaonkar, made significant contributions to the event through engaging videos, informative graphics and articulate verbal presentations.

Established in 2007 by Dr Raj Nagarkar, HCGMCC – Nashik is Central India’s first NABH-accredited facility. With over 50 consultant oncologists, 900 staff members and a 300-bed capacity, HCGMCC is a leading institution, offering holistic cancer treatment. Specializing in surgical, radiation and medical oncology, the centre has conducted 65,000 surgeries, including 1,000 robotic-assisted procedures. Patient-centric and multidisciplinary, HCGMCC recommends treatments to individual needs. Beyond clinical excellence, the centre’s financial aid programs underscore its commitment to accessibility and community well-being, redefining cancer care in the pursuit of a cancer-free future.

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