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What is your experience being a foreign correspondent?

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No. I have never got this coveted job ever in my life. Yet, I can tell you how it matters to me:

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  1. I still want to become one at some point in time of my life!
  2. You get to visit and travel to a lot of other countries as an official tour.
  3. You will be treated with much more respect than any other stream of journalism.
  4. With regular study and courage, you will gather a lot of vital information about other countries.
  5. You will almost become an ENCYCLOPEDIA knowing or at least having an idea about each and every country and events that u r covering!
  6. Your personality will change. Diplomacy, nuclear disarmament, animal rights, humanity, world peace and human right amongst other global topics will start making sense to you.
  7. You will start seeing yourself as a global citizen. Climate change will matter to you as much other subjects as well!
  8. I studied MA in foreign relations and having a creative bent of mind with a journalistic attitude! I know how it feels to be a journalist. However, I will definitely become a good writer one day!
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