Way to deal With My Craving for Food, Meeting emotional hunger is more important

I am, by nature, a big foodie girl. This is my basic nature. But nowadays I  am very conscious about food like everyone. After all,  everyone’s favorite topic is health related. I am ok about that.  For me food is basic source of survival this way I want to cook it properly. This is another thing that I could not even prepare a proper cup of tea when I was a young girl. But today I proudly say that I am a good cook. From childhood, I liked the food that my mother loved.

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She did not encourage me for my craving for rice and ghee. Recently, I knew about the term emotional hunger and it really is interesting. Actually, this is a psychological behavior. It destroys or destructs us. My knowledge of food is evolving day by day. I want to protect myself from Yummy food craving. Simple reason to avoid Diabetes and other types of cholesterol related risks.

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I control my craving for food by listening good music. This is my trick to manage emotional hunger in food. Life beyond the unnecessary  eating habits is important.  I control first my time-pass munching habits. So, I keep myself busy with painting and listening motivational youtube series. Life is like canvas. This way we understand the difference between stomach’s hungry and emotional hunger. They are different aspects of life. I see world is more than only thinking about food. I want to do creative, productive things. I saw nature very closely that help me for creative mind. I want to paint kid’s genre. This is my dream. Now I promise myself I only eat for physical hunger and for survival. Let us celebrate meaningful and purposeful thoughts. Always craving for food is stupid thought.

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