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Story & Narration Of The Ravana, The King Of The Lanka


Image Source: Statue of Ravana from the 18th century CE

Well, the Ravana is the name that has been mentioned in one of the most popular and eminent Hindu epic Ramayana. Well, the Ravana is defined as a massive and eminent king of Lanka according to the Hindu epic Ramayana.

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Ravana is also regarded as an avid follower and devotee of the Hindu God Lord Shiva, he is also considered as an enormous scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of the Veena, but someone he was keen and interested to overpower the Devas as per the Wikipedia.

Image Source:
Statue of Ravana at Koneswaram Hindu Temple, Sri Lanka

Well, King Ravana is considering as a Chackrawarthi king. His ten heads symbolize his knowledge and comprehension of the six shastras alongside, the four Vedas.

Story & Narration Of The Ravana, The King Of The Lanka

As we all know the mythological and the legend story, in the Ramayana, King Ravana has been abducted Sita, she was the wife of Lord Rama to seek revenge from Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana.

It is Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana were responsible for cut off the nose of his sister Shurpanakha, so King Lakshmana seek revenge in this way by abducting Lord Rama’s wife Sita.

While King Lakshmana is also regarded as the most revered devotee of Lord Shiva.

As per the Wikipedia, it is we can see some pictures and images of the King Ravana is connected or associated with Lord Shiva at some places.

It is the King of the Lanka, Ravana has been also appearing and mentioned in the Buddhist Mahayana text Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra, in Buddhist Ramayanas and Jatakas, and also in the Jain Ramayanas, the Wikipedia is mentioned further.

Well, the King Ravana has many other names also which include, Dasis Ravana, Lankeshwar, Lankeshwaran, Ravanasura, Ravanaeshwaran, Eela Vendhar Dasis Sakvithi Maha Ravana, Dashaanan, and Ravula.


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