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How Sports Massage Can Help Your Running

Every runner should make sports massage a crucial component in their preparations. With massaging, you can enhance your flexibility, and avoid injury risk, among other benefits. Running is an activity that needs continuous and repetitive contraction of muscles. When the contractions are high, more force is generated. This allows the runner to have speed, power, and the ability to cover long distances.

More than once, we have experienced athletes going through cases of tight muscles and reduced circulation to the compressed tissues. This is also as a result of muscle contractions. It is through sports massage that you can improve your blood circulation and also relieve any tightness in your muscles.

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The effects of sports massage accrue over time. Below are some of the ways through which sports massage can improve your running.

Pumping of blood and other fluids throughout the body

Massaging involves delivering strokes over the body. With each stroke, fluids can be absorbed with ease through the blood and lymph vessels. When more pressure is applied to the part you are stroking, you create a vacuum behind it, allowing blood and fluids to flow more easily. This way tight or damaged muscle tissue allows blood to flow in as opposed to before when they were squeezing it out. As a result, crucial nutrients required for muscle repair and oxygen are supplied to the muscles, leading to a quicker recovery. You can also use steroids from reliable vendors like to help you with recovery and repair of damaged muscles.

Improving your tissue permeability

Conducting a deep massage on your body allows pores located in tissue membranes to open. This allows important fluids and nutrients to go through. Removal of waste products like lactic acid from muscle tissue is also facilitated. At this stage, your muscles can now recover more quickly as oxygen and nutrients can reach them easily.

Breaks down scar tissue

Scar tissue can negatively affect your tendons and even the flexibility in your ligaments if not dealt with. It results from injuries during your previous running exercises. When you have scar tissue, the affected areas can be painful and often prone to injuries. Sports massage can be a great help when it comes to controlling the damage that scar tissue can do to your muscles. Your muscle tissue becomes more flexible, thus allowing them to function normally.

Reducing pain while running

When you are running, waste products can accumulate in the muscle tissues, leading to pain. Sports massage can help reduce the resultant pain. It can stimulate the body to release endorphins which naturally act as painkillers.

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When should you do a sports massage?

Sports massage can be more helpful after a strenuous activity like a marathon or busy exercising period. You can do it immediately after the event or after a day or two. The massage can be more beneficial if it is done on a regular basis. It is important to note that a deep massage should not be conducted the day before a major race as you can be tired or lethargic. Your muscles can also become sore, which can affect your performance greatly.