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Saint Patrick’s Day: History & Significance’s, Facts & Celebration

The Saint Patrick’s Day is a feast day, which we all will observe and celebrate on this 17th March 2019, and the Saint Patrick’s Day is dedicates and celebrate in the name of the St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

The festival, St Patrick’s Day, is a very famous and one of the most common, Christian festivals, of this world, and celebration of the carnival, has been greatly influenced by the Irish Diasporas and the festival is spread in this whole world and most of the nations, especially in North America, also the festival became popular.

In the 20th century, #SaintPatricksDay became one of the most famous Diaspora carnivals of Ireland.

Once, the migrant, especially, in the United States, and it is their effort and dedication, who transformed the festival, #SaintPatricksDay into a largely secular public holiday of the nation reportedly.

The green is now commonly connected with the festival, earlier; it was the blue color, which was associated with the festival, #StPatricksDay.

In this Christian festival, #StPatricksDay, it is the three shaped leaf, shamrock, essay, very important role, in it, because, as per the mythological and folk story, Saint Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock, in which he made clear, explain and clarified the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.

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Saint Patrick’s Day: History & Significance, Facts & Celebration

The Christian festival, Saint Patrick’s feast day, is a famous and one of the prominent holiday festivals, which was already being celebrated by the Irish in Europe in the ninth and tenth centuries, eventually, the festival, became famous in the whole world and all across the globe.

Some of the activities are being performed on the festival, Saint Patrick’s feast day, are: wearing shamrocks, wearing green, attending parades, attending céilithe, drinking Irish whiskey, drinking Irish beer and so on.

Festival: #SaintPatricksDay

Time & Date: Sunday, 17 March 2019

Celebration & Observances: Attending mass or service

History & Significance: Feast day of Saint Patrick, remembrance of him coming and spreading Christianity in Ireland

Symbol: Shamrock

Also called: Feast of Saint Patrick, Lá Fhéile Phádraig, Patrick’s Day, (St) Paddy’s Day

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