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Pink: The colour of my life


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I like pink colour the most since my childhood. My love for pink continues even today and it reflects in my cloths also. As a little girl, I always liked to wear pink skirt and blouse. In fact, the #Pink as colour reminds me of fairy tales. Somehow or the other, I find pink is related to the world of fantasy. Whenever I used to draw sketches in my childhood days, I would create pink by mixing red with white colors. As a little girl, I found it to be a great discovery. Believe it or not, whenever I happen to look at anything #Pink, it gives my imaginations free flights. And I enter into the land of fairies where all impossible things can happen very easily.

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In 1998 My parents gifted me a fountain pen set. I found a Pink pen in that set.  Still the memory of that Pink Pen is fresh in my mind. I love to cut #Pink cake in my birthday. Colour influences all of us. Somebody likes some colours, some dislike some colours. I find #Pink is very closely associated with me. It refreshes my mood.

When I draw, I mainly used #Pink sketch Pen. This increases my artistic ability. In fact I want to use  #Pink oil Pastel, Pink Crayons. This is why most of the #Pink stuff can be found in my room. Pink drawing and Painting is look very nice. It is good for my room decoration. I use items in pink for my interior decoration. May be it is painting, Wind chime, Bed sheet, Bed coverer, curtain, Flower vase. One thing is common in that entire thing is this all are Pink color. I use pink rubber bands for my silky hair. I love #Pink lipsticks. I garden my balcony with #Pink Rose. But yes it is dream. I love to attract #Pink fairy tales in book fair.

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Collect different #Pink pen is a naughty habit of me. Love to see family members get ready with #Pink dresses. When my mother was alive, she wore #Pink Saari coincidentally. That picture is still in my memory.  #Pink colour helps me recollect my past and shape up present thoughts. It is not only colour for me. It is something beyond the colours. It is a part of my manifold feelings.  I always tell everyone that one day I get a #Pink cell Phone. That, I think, can connect me with UFO. May be it is an illusion, but I love it. Life is not only Black or White. Actually it is Black and white. Almighty give us two colour combinations automatically.

It is ok if I choose #Pink for my imaginary and real life. I am inspired more by creative Persons. I like to sip my hot coffe or Green Tea in #Pink Cups. I use #Pink body soap for shower. I love my #Pink teddy bear. I am planning in my sister’s marriage, I will wear #Pink lehenga.

I write special note of ups and downs of my life with #Pink ink. That is so priceless. Hope, I did not bore you guys saying only about #Pink?


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