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Padri Ki Haveli: One Afternoon In The Historical Place

Today, I will share an amazing and interesting story about the church, which is one of the famous churches of the Patna, Bihar, India and Padri Ki Haveli is an awesome and one of the famous churches of the Patna, Bihar, India.

Padri-Ki-Haveli means, “Mansion of Padre”, is also known as Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is one of the prominent and oldest churches of the Bihar and the Church is situated in the Patna, city.

Once, upon a time, When, Roman Catholics came in Bihar, in 1713, they built a small church at a place which is now known as Padri-ki-Haveli.

The beauty of the church, Padri-Ki-Haveli, is just implausible and incredible, and I feel just amazing when I arrived here with my family. I just click some of selfie and pic here at this glorified church and have some awesome time with my family.

Padri Ki Haveli: One Afternoon In The Historical Place

I think it was February, the month of 2018 when I visited the above-mentioned church and it was something incredible which I felt here.  Some kind of the spiritual feelings and aspirations I received here in the one of the famous church of Bihar, Padri-Ki-Haveli.

Those feelings were for me enough to give me some inspiring and devotional goals anyway.

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One afternoon, in the Padri-ki-Haveli, one of the most famous church of Patna City, Bihar, which was just indeed amazing experiences of mine and also one of the memorable afternoon for me, which is I think and I would love to share with all of you guys and it is whenever, I think about the afternoon I spent in the amongst the most famous church of the Patna, I Padri-ki-Haveli, I just have some incredible nostalgic feelings.

I would suggest all of you visit this historical place once in your life at least because it will give you incredible feelings, especially if you love to travel then you will surely love this place.