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My Happiest Day – When I Failed IBPS PO – IX Prelims Exam 2019

Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m So Happy After Failing IBPS Prelims PO-IX Exam 2019

Just a couple of days back, my IBPS prelims PO 2019 result was out. And, though it was my 1st attempt, I expected to qualify it.

As you are aware that often what we expect, turns out totally different. I attempted 58 questions in my exam, and I passed both math and English with good marks.

However, I failed reasoning test by 5 marks. But, I’m really not feeling that much disappointed. In fact, I’m very happy.

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Why I’m Happy After Failing IBPS Exam: Reasons & Analysis

#10) I’m never interested in Banking jobs.

#9) Getting 25 & 15 in English & Math at 1st attempt without any coaching & also doing regular pvt job is no joke!

#8) I always want to be in a creative job. Bank has no scope of creative ideas.

#7) I’m appearing at competitive jobs just make my family happy. I never want a Banking job for myself. Still, I am giving my 100% at every competitive test that I appear.

#6) For 4500 PO posts in 2019, at least 2–3 lakhs candidates appeared for the same. I admit, my preparation wasnt 100% but I tried my best.

#5) It once helped me realise that creativity is my true calling.

#4) I don’t want a routine job like banking for me. And, I’m happy that I didn’t pass. They take Rs. 600+ as exam fees and also by making reasoning compulsory they ensure that non-setious candidates must fail. I fail and I am happy.

#3) Banking jobs are mostly thankless. Once you retire nobody will recognise you unless you become RBI Governor. Or get any other such posts.

#2) By failing, at least I didn’t make 1 seat countable for me. I make the mains exam a bit easier now. So, you can expect a less cut off mark for me.

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#1) If I hadnt failed IBPS exam, I wasn’t pouring my heart out in this article. What I wrote is totally-totally true!

Hope you guys have liked my answer. Let me know if you like to ask me anything! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and career!

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