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Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2: Written Episode Update

The last night episode of the TV series, Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, begins with when Prerna is seen serving juice to the guests in the party and when Anurag see her, he tries to speak with him, but Prerna just ignored him.

Anurag felt Prerna is somehow tensed but he don’t know the reason and when he said to Prerna that he can’t see her tensed as she is her good friend, Prerna became angry and she asked to Anurag that she is tired of hearing the word, friend, friend and friends and she said to Anurag that she want something more from him, other than friendship.

Prerna want to say to Anurag that she is tensed to see Mishka in the party but she is unable to say so and somehow an argument took place between Prerna and Anurag which makes both of them upset and angry on each other. The duo also stops speaking with each other in the party.

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Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2: Written Episode Update

Meanwhile, Mohini became angry to see Prerna and Anurag together and out of frustration and anger, in the party, Mohini also declared wedding between Mishka and Anurag which makes Anurag stunned and astonished and this announcement also hurts Prerna and she leaves the party also.

In her way to the road suddenly Prerna encounter with a speedy car, she was on her way to home and she left the party

as she felt sad. From the car she was stunned to see that Komolika is coming out and she also asked said to Prerna that why she gives a boy or a man so dare that he is come to hurt her?

Prerna is shocked to see Komolika and she was looking at her. Komolika also taunted to Prerna that if she will be being a woman will be depends upon a man like this then this is obvious that he can break her heart.

The speechless Prerna only hears all the blah blah of Komolika and she did not give her any reply. Komolika now smile likes an evil villain.