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Kali Puja: Facts, Puja, Celebration, Date, Festival, Images, Pics, Facts, Wishes, Quotes, Tweets, FB Status, Greetings

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We all are ready to celebrate one of the most important Hindu festivals Kali Puja, which is one of the auspicious and sacred Hindu celebrations and festivals celebrate in the whole country, with the massive enthusiasm and zeal.

It is the Hindu festival Kali Puja is also known as Shyama Puja or Mahanisha Puja, which is mainly and predominately celebrated by the Hindu people in India and on this day it is all Hindu people, men, and women and devotes, offer Puja and prayer to the Hindu female deity, Maa Kali, and seek blessings from her on the occasion of the Hindu festival Kali Puja, so that with the blessings and boon of the Goddess, it is their devotes life will always happy and prosperous and it is the blessings of the Hindu Deity Maa Kaali will also bring happiness, prosperity, good luck and fortune in their devotes, life.

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Well, the Hindu carnival Kali Puja is actually as per the Wikipedia, is originating from the Indian subcontinent, and the day is completely and dedicated to the Hindu Deity Maa Kali, who is also considered as an epitome of the women empowerment.

Kali Puja: Facts, Puja, Celebration, Date, Festival, Images, Pics, Facts, Wishes, Quotes, Tweets, FB Status, Greetings

The Hindu carnival Kali Puja is mainly observed and celebrate on the new moon day of the Hindu month Kartik, which is come in the month of the either October or November, as per the Georgian calendar and it is the Hindu festival Kali Puja is observed and rejoice in the whole India, but mainly in the Indian states like, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, some parts of the Bihar (Amongst the Bengali people mainly), Maharasthra and also the Hindu festival Kali Puja is celebrated in East India.

It is the Kali Puja is performed and being offer puja to the Hindu Goddess, Maa Kali, at the period of midnight on Amavasya and the devotes, observe a whole day long fast then offer puja to the Mata Kali.

The Hindu festival Kali Puja is always co-incidentally falls with Diwali, the Hindu festival of the lights, and it is the Bengali people celebrate Kali puja by offering puja to the Maa Kali and in North India the festival is celebrated as Diwali or Deepavali when they all offer Puja to the goddess of wealth Mata Lakshmi and also they all bursts firecrackers on this day and light diyas too as the festival is all about light.

Kali Puja: Puja Time & Date: 27th October 2019, Sunday.

“Wish you all a very happy Kali Puja”.


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