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How Do I Learn Rabindra Sangeet, I Am Sharing My Experiences With You

The Rabindra Sangeet is music or some kind of melody or song collection, which connect the music with the Bengali culture and art.

The Rabindra Sangeet plays vital role in the West Bengal and the Bengali culture and one particular song of the Rabindra Sangeet, whether this can be anyone connect all Bengalis with each other.

If you are want to learn Rabindra Sangeet in home then I must share my opinion, view and experiences, regarding the same as I learnt Rabindra Sangeet in the home itself.

Being a Bengali I must say, learning or singings Rabindra Sangeet is just it praiseworthy which actually gets me connect with all other Bengalis who are settled and living in this whole globe.

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In order to learn the Rabindra Sangeet, first in the morning, I listen Rabindra Sangeet in either You Tube channel or in CD player and let me tell you, now I have not learn Rabindra Sangeet properly and totally, now I’m at my phase of learning the same.

On daily basis I just listen and play Rabindra Sangeet in the morning time which also makes my morning soothing, beautiful; and the melodious. Alongside, while listening the song, I try to memorize the world of the Rabindra Sangeet, which is fairly difficult but I try.

How Do I Learn Rabindra Sangeet, I Am Sharing My Experiences With You

In the afternoon time, I try to sing the songs of the Rabindra Sangeet and at least I practice Rabindra Sangeet for one hour. Means, I must say, in order to learn, Rabindra Sangeet, you need to dedicate very meaty time to the learning process of the Rabindra Sangeet very honestly and religiously.

Then in the evening time again U need to listen and hear the Rabindra Sangeet, and try to sing the song and memorize the word which is most crucial to memorize each word of the songs.

This will be very good for u to sing a particular Rabindra Sangeet, song in the morning time or before going to bed which will be also make you practice the song.

So let me tell you in this way I practice Rabindra Sangeet, and I think you can also practice the same, like this way I learn Rabindra Sangeet little bit and trying to learn more.