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Being a Blogger: 6 Ways To Receive Massive Traffic In Your Website Or Blog

If you also own a blog or website like me, or you are a blogger or writer then I must say this wills a difficult job for you to earn traffic to your website. Being a Blogger, this question will always make us tensed and wonder “how to earn a good amount of traffic in my blog, so that ranking of my site will be increased”?

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And in this article I will discuss the same, being a Blogger, so I hope this article will turn helpful for the fellow bloggers.

The doing blogging is not doing the job, for which you will get a salary, at end of the month, in fact, blogging is something in which you will write a piece of write up in which you will share either your experiences on something or your viewpoint on something.

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This is something, which you will put in your blog and your audiences will read the same, blogging is literally, that and writing of blogs or blogging is consists of the write-up, article, news, blogs, writing, features and so on, but end of the day, the main aim of the writing articles in your blog is to earn the traffic as each and every blogger do blogging only to earn traffic.

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Here I will discuss well-proven methods by which you can earn massive traffic to your blogs.

Being a Blogger: 6 Ways To Receive Massive Traffic In Your Website Or Blog

1). Long Length Articles’:

Writing the Long Length Articles’ in our blog is well proven and expert method to earn traffic to our site or blog.  As we all know, “Bada Hain Toh Behter Hain”, so big and long articles will really help in fetching traffic in our site and this will also keep our audiences engaged with the blog and its articles.

I will suggest all of you guys, to write and published, at least 10-12 articles daily, in your blog site which will at least 800 to 900 words as those articles will then said to be cornerstone articles and as per SEO knowledge, the cornerstone articles are very good for your blog and help your blog to get ranked in the search engine.

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2). Emphasized on Unique Articles:

Make sure to write, 100% plagiarism free articles with zero percentage of grammatical error, which is going to maintain the quality of your site and also will increase the rank of your site.

So after, you will write the article, don’t forget to check your articles, in SmallSeo tool or any plagiarism checker, to know whether your article is 100% unique or not and if your article will 100% unique then go ahead and publish the same on your site and blog.

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3). Value Image Optimization:

Image Optimization is another key factor which is helping your articles to get rank and it also boosts the ranking of your blog site, which is also good for the blog survival.

And here I will also let you know, how to do Image Optimization and it is while publishing your article in the WordPress dashboard, when you will post image, you can see there is alt section appeared and in the alt section, and in the alt section, you need to write and mentioned the focus keyword of your article.

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4). Promotion In Social Media:

The Promotion In Social Media is another key factor to make your article popular and make it reach with the large number of audiences which shall be also good for your blog and its survival.

So, after, you will publish the article in your blog, don’t forget to share your article in the different social sites, like, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Pinterest.

Sharing articles and blogs are well proven, a perfect and good method to earn traffic in your blog and blog site.

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5). Low Competition Keyword

Using Low Competition Keyword is another way to drive an immense traffic in your site and blog as the keyword, which is do not use by bloggers, randomly, is good and easy to get rank in the search engine, so rare keyword, will also help each blogger to rank their blog, article and website at the search engine which is also good for your site to perform in the search engines and audiences will also going to find your blog if they search that particular keyword.

For example, if you write about old movies, like, suppose, you are a movie blogger then I will suggest you write about old movies, as, in old movies, there will zero percentage completion on your keyword, so it will easy for you to rank your article and blog in the search engine then new movies, as in new movies, keyword, there will massive competition as everybody generally writes about new movies.

Like, for example, once I wrote an article about the cult classic old movie, Jhukh Gaya Aasmaan in and published it on my site, and the article got ranked as I made the word, “Jhukh Gaya Aasmaan” as my keyword, due to this was low competition keyword, the article gets ranked and worked in favor of my blog.

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6). Power of Video

It is as per SEO rules if you add video in your articles then it will help your articles to keep your audiences’ engaged and stick with the articles.

That’s why it is suggestible to add video in your blogs and articles because the Power of Video is just incredible and it is also worked in favor of the search engine ranking and the good SEO.

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