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5 Ways To Drive Pretty Good Traffic On General Blog Via Pinterest Account

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So this article is all about Pinterest marketing. And let me tell you that Pinterest is one of the most popular traffic fetching social media site and if you use Pinterest account in order to receive good views, I must say that your Pinterest account will be help you to achieve your target.

So read here, How To Drive Preety Good Traffic On General Blog Via Pinterest Account.

1). Just open a Pinterest Account but open it with the name of your blog company

Yes, you should open your Pinterest Account with the name of your blog site, like I owned #TheCheckerNews so I open my Pinterest Account with the name TheCheckerNews, instead of my own name.

Often people open their Pinterest Account or any damn social with their own name which I think not ideal way to promote their site, instead people should open those social sites in their blog site name which will be automatically going bring good amount of traffic to their social site that will be help their blog eventually.

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2). Don’t forget to update daily

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You should post meaty pins with some suitable blog and article links in abundances amount on your Pinterest Account on the daily basis.

It is very important to give fresh and new updates to your followers of the Pinterest Account on the daily basis.

You can try logging on to Bumped In (the best Pinterest Bot Reviews) to know more on this.

3). #Hash tag is magic

Like other social site, in the world of the Pinterest Account, also the hash tag is work as magic and here I will be explain you the power of #. Just use hash tag while sharing any new update or pin on your Pinterest Account.

Like, suppose you are sharing a pin of the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise on you’re the Pinterest Account, one of the most popular social media account. Then you should post a pic of the American actor Tom Cruise in your Pinterest Account and write his name Tom Cruise by using hash tag, means like this way, #TomCruise.

Don’t forget to use a proper blog and article link in your Pinterest Account, while sharing his image there.

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4). Just Verify your website

After open Pinterest Account in your blog site’s name, don’t forget to claim your blog site or website in your Pinterest Account. In this way, you will be verifying your blog site with your Pinterest Account which is good to receive proper exposure and TRPS in your blog via your Pinterest Account.

5). Always share original content

Just write original content and publish the same on your site, then share that content on your Pinterest Account with suitable pins, means pic and then make it lives. Original content will be leave a good impact and impression on your Pinterest Account audiences which will be increasing your reputation too.

These 5 are the ideal ways, my ways, which I use to Drive Preety Good Traffic On General Blog Via Pinterest Account.