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Best Apps For Dating For Android Users


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Who’s your date tonight?

No one? Really? Are you sure?

Then, you must not have heard of the hookup apps.

You can also try CooMeetIt is extremely popular for offering live video chat options to make friends or for dating purposes.

However much technology got advanced, hookup is still the same. And it will never change! After all, it’s all about love and communicating with people!

In this 21st century, hardly has hookup undergone any change.

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You may argue with me that the hookup is no more same as that of the past days.

Yeah, I totally agree with you.

But …

… The concept is the same. Actually, there is a twist in the tale now!

Previously you would meet your date face to face. Now, you meet them on the internet.

Well, folks:

There’s a good news for you.

Now you do not need to run to a hookup spot for meeting with your date. Neither do you have to brush yourself up for meeting your date?

The hookup spot comes to you.

Okay, let me pull up the curtain now. I’m talking about the hookup apps.

In fact, the shy people too, now no longer need to stay indoors. Tell your friends that you too can date!

Interesting, right?

So, it’s time to proceed further.

Best Hookup Apps For Android Of 2018

  1. Bumble

This is a kind of app that is sure to change your world. It was recently featured in Dreamy Tricks favorite list of hookup apps too.

Normally, you can relate to it. You too will be able to match with it as usual.

Bumble gives the great opportunity to women! Hear out ladies, you do not need to wait for men to Start The Conversation. You can initiate it yourself.

Women will get 24 hours to text so will men, to reciprocate.

In the case of homosexual pairs, the rules are the same.

However, the app has a lot of bug issues. Hope that this problem will be sorted out soon.

  1. Clover hookup app


This is a newbie to the list of best hookup apps.

If you are a lover of traditional systems, go for it straight away!

Regarding the searching, your likes and dislikes will be favored.

Its features for the users are:

  • You can set updates
  • Sets up matches with the people that you can join with
  • Finds important dates or events

Well, the above mentioned are the important ones, besides there are a lot more.

The most interesting factor about Clover hookup app is that users are offered a free chat for a trial period.

  1. Coffee meets bagel

If you are into the online hookup, coffee meets bagel is nothing new for you.

Every noon, men will get notified about the women in their area. Similarly, women will get a list. However, in the women’s list, you will get only those men who have shown interest in you.

To know each other better, every match is provided with a private chat room.

People belonging to the LGBTQ can also enjoy using this app.

Remember …

… It’s absolutely free!

  1. Happn

This is a local app for the hookup.

The way it finds out the people is very unique. Actually, your phone’s GPS does all the searching work. The people that GPS catches for you are dependent on where you reside.

Unlike other hookup apps, this one will not serve you well if you are not a popular girl or guy in the app. In other words, you can call it a bit partial.

The people with whom you cross paths, in reality, are the ones whom you find in the app.

Once you cross the paths with a person, his or her profile picture will appear on your Happn app.

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  1. Match hookup

Again, it is a traditional hookup app. Its website and application, both the versions are available.

In fact, most of the work will be done on its official website.

True that it has its share of own problems, but let’s look into the brighter side.

You can rate your daily matches, exchange friendly and flirty messages with people, as well as search for every people you want.

If you are already into the website, you will surely love the app.

At the end of the day, it is free to download.

  1. Meet me

This is another of the apps based on location.

Not only are the features simple, but also the colorful interface is very easy to handle.

If you doubt about the authenticity of this app, it is suggested that you dare not! Don’t you believe it? Check out the number of downloads on its official site!

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Its main aim is to make the app be used in the way it is designed. In short, it allows you to meet with all the people in and around you.

  1. Ok Cupid

As per popularity is concerned, the Ok Cupid hits the list!

Over 40 million people use this app. So, why not you be a part of it!

Along with popularity, its traditional touch to is another noteworthy aspect.

First, the app asks you plenty of questions. On the basis of the answers to these questions, it finds out suitable matches for you. Once the match is found, you will be notified immediately.

Its features to are the very modern day.

Further, if you do not like any person’s profile, you can simply swipe away the profile.

For unlocking good features, you will be asked to subscribe for its various payment packages.

  1. Plenty of fish

This is by far the best hookup app, provided you are ready to pay some bucks for it.

Obviously, paying for something will yield you better facilities.

Initially, you are allowed to join the app for free. Messaging too is free. In fact, everything associated with the app at the first stage is entirely free.

However, if you want to use more advanced features, you surely have to pay for it.

Its interface is easy to use. As a whole, using the app is simple.

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Final thoughts

Download any app from the given list and get started!

It’s super easy. If you are not ready to pay, you can definitely choose those that are free.


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