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How Anxiety Can Ruin Your Love Life

Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

How Anxiety Can Ruin Your Love Life:-

Take a scenario: You have been suffering from depression for so long. Overthinking and anxiety have overwhelmed you emotionally. You pick up the phone and call your partner.

No Response! 

You called again. The phone ring went unanswered for the tenth time.

Suddenly you sensed a strange kind of fear, heart started palpitating, and mind doubting and you feel as if a stone has struck in your throat.

Your made-up fantasies convince you that your partner has lost his interest in you. And as he returns to home, unable to control the anxiety you burst on him with questions. No matter how much he explains how busy his schedule was, you are persistent in making a mountain out of a molehill.

People who let their anxiety overcome them behave in a certain way that they unknowingly create barriers in their love life.

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Quite a fact, everyone has to face difficult times at some stage of life. However, allowing depression and anxiety taking charge of your life can have the following devastating results in your Love life.

How Anxiety Can Ruin Your Love Life

  1. You Lose The Emotional Bandwidth With Your Love

You always feel angry and unappreciated in search of the vigor you expect from your partner. Every passing minute in the absence of him makes you concerned. Resultantly, when you meet you are annoyed and always have something to blame for.

It is like you always want to have those awe moments creating great reminiscences.  But how special would be “to be always special?” This imposed love heightens the gap between both of you.

  1. Anxiety Makes You Painfully Insecure

The fear of losing your partner or being out of his focal point is so high that you ignore the need which your partner would require at the present moment.

It is like going to Paris together for a trip but instead of seeing the Eifel Tower you want him to only see and appreciate you.

You begin to cage your love within yourself but as an old adage goes, a cage whether golden will remain a cage.

  1. You Imitate Some Other Person

You in no condition want to display a person which may be disliked by him or even by his friends. You ignore your inner voice and reflect yourself as an ideal perfect person.

In stress you forget, love is beyond perfection and sometimes it is the imperfections which spellbound to fall in love. How can a person love a body whose soul has changed?

  1. Your Nagging Takes A Toll Out Of Your Partner

Apprehensiveness makes you doubtful about everything. You want to know the minutest detail of your partner’s day. The endless phone calls, questions, and endeavors made to confirm the truth told by your spouse is enough to upset him with your presence.

  1. Raised Brows, Wrinkled Forehead, And Eyelids

You always feel like something is not right and your quench to find out what is not right is never satisfied. You are always uncomfortable and stacked up with loads of tension.

This feeling not only turns you insomniac but you also lose appetite. Your hopelessness is even more distressing for the person you live with.

  1. The Panic Attacks

Happiness or joy comes in a state of free mind but when your mind is full of stress and fears you forget to be happy.

Love making and intimacy requires a magical involvement, two souls mesmerized among themselves to have that bond, but you fearfulness, “What if I am not able to make him happy? What if he doesn’t enjoy?” spoils everything.

Defeating Anxiety

An anxiety disorder can be challenging. It may deteriorate your personal life.

Watchman Nee said wisely, “Love is not something you feel, it is something you do.” You always have a choice to come out of depression and step forward to make your spouse feel better.

A number of things you could do to bring your love life back on the track:

  1. Identify your responses. How you are responding to your thoughts reflects in your behavior. Practicing letting go of your thoughts will calm you down. You could either practice deep breathing or just become an observer.
  2. Maintain distance with your partner. Everyone wants to live life on his own terms. Dumping your ideas and opinions on others do not take the relationship any farther. Letting your partner do what he wants to make him feel a complete person in himself.
  3. Avoid talking when you are anxious. Take a walk around your house or sit somewhere. Exercising can also benefit in a number of ways to break the flow of negative emotions.
  4. Read a motivational book. Studies have shown that what we read and listen, we become. Therefore, reading positive messages for about 20-30 minutes every day can change the way you look at life and your relationship.
  5. Avoid seeking perfection in your partner. Dealing with people with kindness and humility will help you embrace the imperfect yet wonderful people.

Mental health is as important as physical health. It is necessary to train your mind in a way that even in difficult times, you seek optimism. We are our biggest enemy. The day we stop fighting with others and win the battle over our own habits, we let open the doors of happiness in life. The sooner you start working on the positive life project, the sooner you improve your self-image, confidence, and other behavioral characteristics.

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